About From A Unique Perspective


Welcome to my blog, From A Unique Perspective! Here you will find me giving MY PERSPECTIVE on entertainment, the real world, history, culture, and other things. I do not discuss religion and politics because those are some very controversial topics and I find that EVERYONE has an opinion. The comment section can get really ugly when you discuss those two topics. I created this blog because I wanted to have a platform to express my views and thoughts peacefully. Unlike the majority of urban blogs out now, on my blog you will not be attacked for your opinion and you will not be dealing with rampant trolls. This blog is for the grown, mature, and intelligent!

Sometimes on my blog I will do typed blog posts or I may do audio (podcasts) posts. I enjoy typing and talking through a mic as well so I’ll switch it up at times. If you have any suggestions for topics that you’d like me to do, please feel free to email me or send me a message on any of the other social networking sites you follow me on. I will answer and take your suggestions into consideration! I hope you guys enjoy my blog and if you like what you read and hear please feel free to subscribe, share, and comment! If you’re having issues commenting, let me know. Thanks for your support as always! Much love to you all!

Email : dominquesphere@gmail.com
Instagram: @simplyunique_88
Google Plus:Β OGUnique






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