Black Celebrities Don’t Appreciate Their Own Award Shows


Good evening! Welcome back to another great post from your host, Unique. OK, so I wanted to really touch on this topic ever since I skimmed through the 2018 BET Awards that aired this past Sunday evening. Overall the show was not that good, but the highlights of the night were the Anita Baker tribute and Ella Mai’s performance of her hit “Boo’d Up.” I will give Jamie Foxx credit for doing this hilarious Wanda in Wakanda skit and for ONE of the Black Panther cast members showing up to accept the Best Movie Award. Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, were the ONLY ones out of the entire Black Panther clan to show up to the 2018 BET Awards. I was sooooo disappointed in the cast.

After seeing Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler proudly accept their BET Award, I went to social media to read the comments immediately. There were others who also felt it was disrespectful for hardly any of the cast to attend. Here’s the thing, MANY of the Black Panther cast attended all the mainstream White awards and events to promote the movie with nothing but smiles but when it comes time to support the urban shows, you all decided not to show up. Black Hollywood is a joke!



I realize the BET Awards and many other award shows have gone drastically downhill. I blame it all on the lack of talent in a slowly dying industry and the internet. However, a lot of Black entertainers are nominated for awards at Black award shows and they hardly ever show up! Why is it that everyone is always “working” or “he/she couldn’t be here tonight?” Rarely do I even do blog posts on race but this is a trend that needs to end. That’s one of the main reasons why these award shows are so dry now, especially the Black ones. Black celebrities feel like they are above Black award shows because I feel they look at it as the chitlin circuit. This is just my honest opinion.

I went over to Lipstick Alley and they were even discussing it over there. These award shows stay nominating sell outs like Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Drake, and many others but it’s funny these people mainly show up at the mainstream award shows. The same can be said for the Black actors. You may be reading this and saying, why is this a big deal? I feel it’s a big deal because these same people whine and complain about being overlooked in the industry. They talk about how hard it is for Black actors and singers and how they struggle. This is true in the fashion world as well. These Black entertainers are always looking for sympathy and support on social media but then when THEIR CULTURE wants to show appreciation for them, they are a NO SHOW.

Back to the Black Panther cast, I don’t know what was going on with ALL of them where they were sooooo busy, but that was a bad look. Considering how BET decided to do a “Wakanda” theme to celebrate the success of the film, Michael B. Jordan must be the only one who really gave a crap. LOL. Ryan Coogler is the director so I assumed he would be there anyway but even he thanked the people on social media for supporting the film! Don’t get me wrong, I was really glad to see Michael B. Jordan but can you imagine how beautiful it would have looked to have them all there on stage showing love back to the people and the CULTURE that supported them the most back in February?! It would have been a BEAUTIFUL look! That footage would have went VIRAL. It would have made up for those stale BET performances full of political antics.

black-panther-cast-825x580Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Black Panther" - Arrivals

Now Tiffany Haddish wasn’t there for whatever reason but even she did a skit with Jamie Foxx accepting her award for Best Actress or something like that. She also did a BET promo commercial supporting the BET Awards. The Black Panther cast did none of that and after Sunday I now look at them different. I don’t worship celebrities anyway. Now, I adore Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker is a great actor too so I may give them a pass considering that they were already household names before Black Panther. They also have supported a lot of Black award shows over the years. I’m seriously side eyeing the others though. I feel this is a topic that needs to be brought to the forefront and the people behind the scenes who put these award shows together need to talk about this and perhaps stop nominating people who NEVER or don’t show up. It’s not fair to the people who do come and show love.


Can you imagine how pitiful a lot of these Black celebrities would be if EVERY Black award show got cancelled? They would have a meltdown and be protesting like crazy! If that ever happened, I would laugh because it was THEIR fault that this happened. YOU ALL DID NOT SUPPORT YOUR OWN SHOWS but you fly to those White ones. I can’t. Black people let me say this, let’s start being more smart with our money. We are quick to throw our money at people and projects who really take us for granted.

Like I said, BET is not perfect at all. It needs a LOT of work. Sadly, the Black Panther cast didn’t realize that BET buzz would have been perfect for them. The ONLY way in my eyes that they can redeem themselves is to show up to the Essence Music Festival or any other big Black events this year. If they don’t, I think I’m going to pass on the Black Panther sequel. I’ll just wait til it comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD. LOL! I’ll save my coins. They are precious to me.

Let me say this as well, the Beyhive is freaking DUMB! Why on earth would you continue to support a GROWN, married woman with KIDS calling herself an ape?! I think these urban award shows should just focus on REAL talent and people who REALLY appreciate their craft, the culture, and the fans. The ratings for the BET Awards (4.3 million) this past Sunday is also a reflection of a dying industry and also unappreciative Black celebs. You can go on YouTube right now and look up any urban award shows from back in the day and look at all the BIG Black entertainers who showed up and showed out! I miss those days badly!


Karma is real! People should never feel they are above something just because they or a project they were in obtained LARGE amounts of success. At the end of the day Hollywood and the entire industry is run by the elite WHITES. It is wise to tread lightly and be humble when you don’t even have your own industry that you RUN and control. I’m not trying to be mean but it’s the truth. Bill Cosby thought for decades he was above the law but we see what happened. It’s a sad situation but it is what it is. If it was me and my people did an award show or nominated me for several awards, you better believe I’m going to show up and show love back, no matter how ratchet the show is! I hope in the near future we see change with all of this stuff.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! This had been on my mind for the last two days. Please like, comment, subscribe, and share. Feel free to even tweet or send this to the cast members of Black Panther if you want, that’s fine by me! LOL!


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  1. Good blog sis! You hit the nail on the head! I never did care for these award shows cuz they always seemed boring to me. Notice how a lot of black people still have that slavery mentality catering to the white man and whatnot. It makes me sick how a lot of black people are so quick to come to a white person’s defense and kiss their behinds and turn their backs on their own people smh. They shouldn’t be surprised if all the black award shows gets canceled cuz it was their fault for not showing up to these shows and not being there to support their own kind.

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    1. Hey bro thank you! I’ve calmed down since lol, but I felt so cheated Sunday because outside of the Anita tribute I only watched the show to see if the cast would be there, the whole cast! You’re not missing anything with these award shows because they are so dry and political, even the white ones. Janet Jackson and Salt N Pepa saved that Billboard Awards last month from being a total flop!

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  2. Bravo Sis very well done you hit the nail on the head and said everything that needed to be said and you made a whole lot of great points and I couldn’t agree more on what you said sis!Great blog post as always sis I enjoyed every minute of everything you said!

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