Why Not Create Your Own Hollywood?!

Both of these queens are amazing actresses

Good evening! Welcome back to another edition of From A Unique Perspective with me, Unique. So it has been a very interesting last few days so far in terms of entertainment news. As most of you know, it is awards season and once again, some drama went down. LOL. I live for drama and tea from afar. Yesterday, I finally checked out Monique’s interview with Sway about the Netflix boycott and why she made this decision. When I first saw her instagram post at work, I was thinking, hmmm, not sure how successful this will be. Netflix is a HUGE brand and millions enjoy it. I thought, well, I like Monique, but people are NOT going to boycott Netflix over what she’s saying. When I checked out her interview with Sway a few days later, I realized that Monique was making a lot of good points and dropping tea as well about the business side of the industry.


A lot of times, we as fans just look at the fashions, movies, TV shows, red carpet interviews, and etc but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Thanks to social media and blogs, we now can get an inside look at how dirty the industry really is. Monique showed up for that Sway interview with receipts given to her from Netflix and also dropped the tea on Oprah wanting her to work for free. How many celebrities do you know will speak out against Oprah? No one. LOL.

Why did she mention Caucasian women? When have they been oppressed? LOL!

This morning, I saw that Jada Pinkett Smith had stepped in and once again, she gave her two cents. She proclaimed basically that she stands with Monique, but she thinks Caucasian women are also underrepresented and underpaid. I just shook my head in disgust. Now I like Jada as an actress, but she should have kept her mouth shut this time around because Monique was speaking on behalf of women of COLOR. Caucasian women are not as oppressed and discriminated against as women of color are and never have been. To throw a privileged demographic into what another woman of color was trying to get across was ridiculous. Her argument would have had more weight had she left that part out. I couldn’t help but think that award season this year will be just as lit as it was in 2016 when Jada decided to boycott the Oscars. LOL!


This was epic! This was two years ago in 2016. 

With all of that being said, I often times wonder why Black entertainers won’t create their own Hollywood. In general, they always speak out about injustice, discrimination, racism, and etc. They seem to always be begging the industry for fair representation. They try to get the so-called common man to rally behind them with different movements. They won’t come together in the industry and create their own industry. Why is that? Do you think they are afraid of the powers that be in Hollywood? Are they lacking money? Do they enjoy being included in mainstream Hollywood and music because it validates their self-esteem? Why??? Surely some Black entertainers are BILLIONAIRES and you mean to tell me they can’t create their own industry?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Let’s see, India has Bollywood. Nigeria has Nollywood. Black America can’t have their own version of Hollywood, like AfroSoul or Black Hollywood? How about Urban Entertainment? What’s a good name for Black entertainment if Black celebrities had their own Hollywood, music industry, and fashion industry? What are your thoughts on this matter?


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  1. Well first off sis all I can say is great blog post as usual sis that are always on point and you always hit the nail on the head in everything you said and I totally agree with on that these black entertainers should have their own Hollywood since they have the means to do it I don’t see why not and I also agree with you when you said Jada pinkett could’ve left the comment about white women because that was totally irrelevant in the conversation that was a hand.

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    1. Hey Dee thanks for getting it! Yeah I mean I was rocking with what Jada said but I understand because she’s Will Smith’s wife she has to be careful with what she says…she got bashed a lot by white people two years ago when she wanted to boycott the Oscars, remember that? Like Vann had mentioned earlier, a lot of people want change but they don’t want to do the work, like putting their resources and money together to create their own.

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      1. Of course we clown & bash others because if at least (say) 50% start to affect change, the other 50% would have to put the double cups, blunts, & liquor bottles down, stop turning-up, & go without sex for a while lol

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