It’s Hard To Believe Aaliyah Would Have Been 39 Today…Where Has The Time Gone?


Good afternoon! So I felt the need to do a post on Aaliyah today because I just realized about fifteen minutes ago that today was her birthday. I knew it was in January but I wasn’t sure what day it was in January.  She is still so missed. I cannot believe this year will make seventeen years since she passed. I have seen so many Aaliyah memes, photos, collages, videos, quotes, etc. So many young people who were barely born when she passed love her just as much as the people who grew up during her era. It’s like her and Tupac never really passed because different generations have come to love both.

The funny thing is so many people online (celebrities and the everyday chicks) try to copy Aaliyah but they always fail. Sure, some have been able to pull off her look but there was only ONE Aaliyah. I haven’t seen any artists in the last seventeen years that has come close to what she has done. I will admit that her and Ciara are similar in style in Ciara’s early days. However, I sometimes wonder if Aaliyah was still here would she be wearing rainbow colored weave and bleaching her skin. I wonder would she be twerking. I wonder if she’d be one of those “coons” on Twitter that continue to get exposed. LOL. I wonder would the blogs be desperate to spill her tea like they do with everyone else. Who knows. I hate that she passed, but maybe it’s a good thing that she didn’t live through this unhinged, retarded society that we currently live in. Aaliyah was definitely from the era of REAL. A lot of people today are from the era of FAKE and MENTALLY UNSTABLE. LOL!

Well, in honor of Aaliyah, I decided to put together a slideshow of some of my favorite photos of her. I also wanted to share a playlist of my favorite album from her, One In A Million! I enjoy her other albums as well, but it’s something about that One In A Million album. The album was R&B, Hip Hop, and Funk perfection! It was different. I also love the album pictures. She looked like she was in a sexy, motorcycle club. LOL.





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What are some of your favorite Aaliyah songs, videos, interviews, and etc.? Feel free to leave your comments and as always please like, subscribe, and share. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Believe Aaliyah Would Have Been 39 Today…Where Has The Time Gone?

  1. It’s hard to believe sis for me as well that Aaliyah aka babygirl would’ve been 39 years old right now dang that’s crazy as heck and scary how time flies right before you’re eyes it’s definitely something ain’t it sis!You are right about her not being around in this idiotic era of music and society I think she left just in time and she ain’t missing out on anything!She lucky she ain’t here to deal with these no talent wannabes out here.Did you know her birthday is the same day as Sade’s?I can’t think of any of my favorites from her there’s so many to count haha.

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    1. Hey sis beautiful comment! I’m sure like Brandy and Monica she would have had millions of followers on Instagram lol! I always felt like DMX was in love with her too, dude has never stopped talking about her all these years. It’s sweet. It’s amazing that her and Sade have the same birthday b/c Aaliyah was a fan of Sade! I agree she had so many good songs!

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  2. Great blog as always sis!👍 I adore Aaliyah! She’s one of my favorite singers ever and I could tell that you’re a huge fan of Aaliyah. I still can’t believe that her life was cut short at such a young age smh. My all time favorite album from her is her 1994 album, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. I know that Aaliyah was R.Kelly’s protégé but I think of her more as Sade’s protégé cuz they’re so similar to each other. Not to mention that they shared the same birthday as well. This is Mark btw.

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    1. Hey Mark thanks for your beautiful comment! Oh yes I was introduced to Aaliyah when she first came out with her Back And Forth song. I was obsessed with it! Because she was so mature for age it is hard to believe she was so young when she passed. That first album by Aaliyah was really good too, honestly her 2001 album was probably my least favorite. She had some really good songs up there but it had more of a crossover appeal in my opinion. It wasn’t like the smooth, R&B and Hip Hop sound of the first two albums, as well as her features on movie soundtracks. Aaliyah was actually a fan of Sade!


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