This Here Is Proof That Lots Of People Read Lipstick Alley!


Good evening! Well, it’s the second day of 2018 and I tell you the internet is already on fire in terms of entertainment! I have seen people discussing Will Smith putting up a sweet Instagram post celebrating his 20 years married to Jada Pinkett. I have seen people talk about Tamar, Vince, and Laura Govan. I’ve read stories about wild New Years parties that took place yesterday. However, the two trending stories that stuck out to me was about actors Michael B. Jordan and Aja Naomi King. According to Lipstick Alley, these two are secretly dating non-black people.

Now you might say, who cares? I personally don’t care. I won’t be going out of my way to personally support neither one of them, but that’s a whole different story. LOL. What I find interesting is that those two stories have been trending on Lipstick Alley for over 24 hours! Each thread has about 20 pages full of many responses from people. I have read Lipstick Alley over the past 10 years and I must say that they have had some really good celebrity tea threads over the years. They also have tea on different YouTubers and famous social media personalities and pages. You can find yourself being hooked for hours on certain threads depending on how entertaining they are.

LIPSTICK ALLEYlipstick-alley

There are also things about Lipstick Alley that I don’t like, like the constant trolls and mentally brain-dead people who posts there and attack other people for their opinions. Nevertheless, that’s all over the internet right? That’s why I think net neutrality might not be such a horrible thing. The internet has too much trash as it is, but still, let me explain something. Anytime a celebrity tea story gets posted on Lipstick Alley and it trends for many hours, there’s a huge chance that the story will make its way to other urban blogs and sites. That is exactly what happened with the stories on Michael B. Jordan and Aja Naomi King. The story on Michael has already made it over to Bossip. The story on Aja Naomi King has made it over to Madame Noire. I couldn’t help but laugh because now I know popular bloggers read that site all the time! MediaTakeOut has been known to still tea from Lipstick Alley all the time. One of the top stories on Lipstick Alley yesterday as well was about Nas supposedly getting Nicki Minaj pregnant. Now it’s a world exclusive over on MediaTakeOut! Haha!


I remember there being tea dropped in the Real Housewives Of Atlanta threads about different cast members whether they were pregnant, getting fired, getting married, or dating someone. Within a matter of hours, MediaTakeOut would have the story posted as a “world exclusive.” LOL! So when people say that many celebrities know about Lipstick Alley, it’s got to be true. I do believe people who work in the entertainment industry post on that site anonymously and spill tea on these celebrities, especially the ones who piss them off.

One of the popular YouTubers who I watch from time to time gets talked about like trash on Lipstick Alley. When I watched her latest video on YouTube, I saw that she was mentioning different comments as to how she raises her kids based on what was said by many people on Lipstick Alley. So even many YouTubers (mostly black ones) read that site and even comment! I used to want Lipstick Alley to be shut down years ago, but I must admit that can be one entertaining, addictive site once you start reading some of the tea on public figures! So let the messiness of 2018 begin!!!



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    1. Exactly Vann! LOL! I do too, for some reason interracial relationships with black celebs is a big deal on that site and also on this forum called The Coli, which is a black man’s version of Lipstick Alley. Bossip and MediaTakeOut both love race baiting so of course they would pick up those stories. Tika is another pretty actress but she could have also done much better than a down low, broke white dude. I heard some tea that she was after Chadwick Boseman a few years ago but I don’t think he was ready to take the relationship to the next level yet so she bounced to the white guy LOL.


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