My Thoughts On Monique Exposing Hollywood

0515-oprah-winfrey-tyler-perry-monique-lee-daniels-tmz-9Good afternoon! Welcome back to another installment of From A Unique Perspective. I’ve been wanting to speak on this situation with Monique, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey for the past week now. I’ve been intrigued with these broadcasts Monique and Sydney (her husband) have been doing and they have both been spilling all of the tea in Hollywood! LOL! Yes, peeps, Hollywood is a dirty game behind the scenes. For some reason people feel like if a celebrity has reached a certain amount of success and wealth that they are beyond reproach and you’re not supposed to say ANYTHING about that celebrity because he or she is “superior” to you. LOL! This society we live in today really promotes mental illness, I swear. Listen to this audio installment of me discussing my thoughts on the Monique situation and Hollywood in general. Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Monique Exposing Hollywood

  1. Crazy enough, all this “THEY GOT MORE $$$ THAN YOU…YOU BETTER BOW DOWN & KISS THE RING!!!” and “YOU BETTER STOP DRINKING THAT HATERADE & STOP THAT HATING!!!” is not only what’s wrong with the industry but also with the world as a whole. What’s even more interesting is that these same dickriding groupies will do anything, and I do mean anything, for the $$$

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    1. Hey Vann what’s up? Sorry just seeing your comment I haven’t logged in up here in MONTHS! You are exactly right, if you go to google plus I just posted some industry tea that I found from lipstick alley that I’m assuming an industry insider posted…this person named the top black pedophiles in the industry and I believe every word of if!

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