I Am Returning To YouTube To Upload Audio/Video Blogs!


Hey everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I’ve been MIA for over a month but I gave it some thought am I am deciding to return back to YouTube to upload material on my new channel called, From A Unique Perspective. It will be similar to this blog and there I will also be discussing various topics relating to entertainment, society, and culture. I’m looking forward to it!

My blog here is NOT going anywhere though, so no worries. I’ve worked hard to put this blog together and I am not about to throw out all of my hard work LOL. I enjoy blogging and I also enjoy doing audio blogs. From here on out, I’ll sometimes do typed blogs but I plan on doing audio blogs a lot more. Just like here, my channel will be for intelligent subscribers. I probably won’t put myself on camera anytime soon because I’m camera shy but I promise you you will be intrigued by the information I deliver.

I am not someone who is trying to be in competition with any other YouTubers. I’m just trying to be ME. I respect others online who have that same vision trying to build their platforms as well. Originality is key! This is true in real life as well. Besides, we live in a society all about numbers. What’s important to me is a quality channel and subscribers who TRULY love my material and are subscribing for the right reasons.


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