Honestly, Being A Millennial Sucks

Good evening! I’m back guys with another interesting topic! This time I got a request from a buddy and long time supporter of mine to do a post about being a millennial. As most of you know, I’m an old soul. I LOVE entertainment and pop culture from past decades. I did a little research on the age ranges that would be considered millennials and unfortunately I’m one myself. LOL. Listen to my latest audio podcast about why I think being a millennial mostly sucks. As always, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment, share, and subscribe! Thanks!

Honestly, Being A Millennial Sucks


6 thoughts on “Honestly, Being A Millennial Sucks

  1. You hit a nail on the head with this one πŸ’Ž! As a fellow “Millennial aka Generation Y” (I don’t claim to be one!) this decade is terrible! I’ll admit that 2000-04 were great before it reached a turning point in 2005! Things were slowly changing after 9-11 in 2001! I consider myself to be an Old Soul instead of a Millennial! I love old school films, music (60s-90s), TV shows & fashion from the 70s-90s! Some people in our generation are brainwashed, they have no moral values. It’s sad that most people in our generation think it’s cool being a drug addict & trashy! The next generations after us are called “Gen. Z & Gen. Alpha”! Sometimes I wish that I grew up in the 80s with my siblings πŸ˜‚! You’re right, not only young folks are easily influenced but older folks too! But, these are signs of the times! Great blog πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Awesome comment Soul! I don’t claim this generation either LOL, the previous generations had everything! Thank goodness we grew up in the 90s though and we did experience a golden decade unike these 2000s kids who will NEVER know what it was like to have a childhood before social media! Thank goodness for that! I’ve seen so many memes from regular folks and celebrities where they say “thank goodness I had a childhood before technology” LOLOL


  2. Excellent blog as always Unique and thanks again for doing this blog for me! I agree with everything you said in this blog. I hate being called a millennial and I also think that this generation is lost. I’m old school as well cuz I also mostly listen to old school music, play old video games and watch old TV shows from the 90s on down. I also happen to be one of those millennials with very poor social skills and even though I don’t feel uncomfortable talking to people, I just can’t strike up a conversation and relate to anyone, especially people that’s within my age range.I was born in the early 90s(1991) and I miss the days where technology wasn’t advanced when I was growing up and I also miss the days where reality TV and social media didn’t take over. I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. In fact, I feel like I was born in the wrong century lol. I’ma just call the next generation after us post-millennials and call it a day lol. Imo, people that are born after 1999 would be considered post-millennials or whatever you wanna call them and I feel sorry for that generation cuz they been missing out on a lot of great stuff that was out back in the day, especially when it comes to entertainment lol.

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