Today’s Parents Have No Idea How To Raise Children

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture? This here is your typical American family.Β 

Good afternoon peeps! Welcome back! I hope you guys are staying healthy out there because it’s so much sickness and disease going around right now. I’m trying to keep from getting a cold as we speak. Anyway, I wanted to discuss a topic that’s been on my mind for some time now and this is basically based off of what I’ve been seeing over the past year in terms of how parents today raise their kids. The truth is that they have no idea how to raise them. NONE. LOL. This is going to to be an audio podcast about this topic. Why are today’s parents so trifling? How do you expect the next generation of youths to be good citizens in society when their parents are ignorant, lazy, and dysfunctional themselves? I hope you guys enjoy this podcast (click on the link below to listen)!

Today’s Parents Have No Idea How To Raise Children


8 thoughts on “Today’s Parents Have No Idea How To Raise Children

  1. There’s so many neglectful parents out there both young & old not taking care of their children, it’s sad! As for myself I don’t have children. Those pictures you’ve posted of those parents are sad but truthful! I’ve witnessed similar situations to your testimony in the audio podcast/blog about these terrible parents. That meme you’ve posted where it says “Single Mothers love dressing their kids like the niggas that left them” is a fact, I see it everyday. Most of these parents (young & old) today are taking provocative selfies with their children, buying their kids smartphones, Jewelry, expensive clothes & shoes looking like some thug or corny rapper smh it’s disgraceful. These parents should let their kids be kids! Most of these parents don’t even deserve to have kids. It’s sad that these trifling parents (Including single parents) are using their kids as pawns! I know one thing if God ever bless me with Children & a Wife they’re going to be my first priority! Great blog β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and you are 100% on point! You said it, MOST people with kids don’t need them. They are just used for the parents’ own personal agenda. Children are a big responsibility, they are not accessories like these Instagram thots try to make them out ot be. This is why I don’t want kids. I would hate to bring them in a depraved world like this! Thanks for reading and listening!


      1. You’re welcome! It’s terrible on how these trifling parents (Both single parents & couples) are using their kids as tokens to get Money, Section 8 housing, Food Stamps, etc. These neglectful parents out here forget that they have children & not some pet or ATM Machine! I don’t have kids but I do have relatives like this in which those children are now being raised in a stable & positive environment by another family member. Whats funny is that these terrible parents ask people like myself “Why don’t you have kids?” but yet they can’t even raise their own kids smh. Most of these parents priorities are messed up! Once again great blog!

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        1. LOL I am rolling at the “these kids are not some pet or ATM machine” so true! Oh yes I have relatives like this too so I know! Trifling and pathetic but “Mr. Charlie” allows it her in the retarded states of America! My grandmother told me today that I have done well because I don’t have a bunch of rugrats and I didn’t get a project home. LOL! Thanks again!


    1. It really is! Welcome back VannDigital and thanks for your comment! I mean you have people who go to extra lengths to get kids and would make wonderful parents and then you have all these sorry adults out here who can’t even take care of their own kids but want to tell you when you need to have kids smh.

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      1. Glad to be back & the interesting part about it is that it’s always random strangers tryna force the whole parenting thing on childless folk. My guess is: they had to put they lives on hold because they had kids so they’ll take anybody they can down with them.

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        1. LOL you are so right! I had a buddy of mine from Google/YouTube put on his social media how folks are always tying to ask you when you will reproduce. LOL! Really??? You fools can’t even take care of your own kids and you’re asking me about my uterus? LOL too funny…

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