“Freedom Of Speech” Online Has Gone Way Too Far


Good afternoon! I hope everyone is well. Guys, I have to touch on this topic about celebrity gossip sites and message boards. OMG. As the years go by I continue to long for the days when the Internet was pretty basic. Out of all the social media outlets that we have, I think I would only panic if they got rid of YouTube. However, even YouTube has thousands of trolls who sit online and derail the comment section on the videos from people of color. Then you these moderators who try to get certain people’s videos taken down based on what they are discussing. People hate to be exposed and they hate the truth.

This is basically the reaction I get when I used to read comments on the celebrity entertainment sites and message boards. Where did all the smart commenters go?

Don’t think it’s just YouTube with this problem. No, ALL of the comments sections on blogs, message boards, and social media apps are getting way out of hand. In fact, just recently IMDB.com announced that on February 20, they are disabling their message boards feature for good! This sort of shocked me, but they said on their site that they had been receiving a lot of complaints from people about the hate trolls on there. I remember years ago when I had joined IMDB.com to comment on the 90s sitcoms and music boards, there were tons of trolls up there. This was around like 2010. I can image what it’s like now, so IMDB most likely made the best decision. I remember when CNN disabled their comments section a few years ago because under each article there were so many racist hateful comments.

If you think it’s bad on the mainstream sites, try to attempt to visit the urban blogs. They are even worse because not only do racist trolls tear those blogs to pieces, but the bloggers themselves are just as messy and pathetic. I’m speaking of blogs and pages like Media Take Out, Bossip, World Star Hip Hop, Sandra Rose, Urban Belle, Straight From The A, Diary Of A Hollywood Street King, Fameolous, Industry On Blast, and Baller Allert. ALL of these bloggers and their commenters are absolute filth. Rarely do you ever see anything positive on these sites. Unlike urban blogs, you can occasionally find positivity on mainstream blogs and sites. However, try finding something positive on the sites and pages I just mentioned. I guarantee you you won’t. You’ll hear about jumpoffs, thots, celebrities publicly bashing each other on social media, private DMs, or bloggers attempting to shade certain celebrities.

Just recently, I had someone DM me on Instagram about that ratchet blog Industry On Blast. They got exposed by this person and I was glad they did. Turns out a messy male runs that site. I believe The Shade Room got exposed as well. I don’t follow any of those pages on Instagram. I was so done with Industry On Blast after they put up a meme shading Michelle Williams for not being married and having kids. So what?! You’ll only find this kind of pettiness on urban blogs. I remember when Sandra Rose came at Claudia Jordan on Twitter and called her a “mutt” or something to that extent. It’s just downright ugly. I think instead of people protesting about all this other stuff they should start protesting to clean up the Internet as well because it is no longer the fun environment it used to be. When an extremely popular site like IMDB has to announce that they are disabling a feature they have had for ages that tells you something is not right. This is why I am so glad I created my own blog and my own space. If you read my About page, you’ll find that only the intelligent and wise comment here. Trolls will be blocked and banned. There is way too much ignorance on the Internet so they can always go to the sites I mentioned to spread their hate and pettiness.

There needs to be more positive sites online. I remember that site Concrete Loop which was pretty decent. It got shut down some years ago but it was one of the first blogs I’d ever visited. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an opinion but when it’s malicious and dirty with no facts to back it up then it’s just negative. I guess time will tell if all these sites continue to stay popular. Maybe as time goes on people will wisen up and stop supporting these sites and pages and that’s when real change occurs.

What are your thoughts on celebrity gossip sites, message boards, and comments on the Internet in general? Has it been a more positive or negative experience overall? Weigh in below. Hope you guys have a great weekend and stay tuned for more! I’m going to do an audio review on The NAACP Image Awards which airs on February 10th on TV One. You can check out my review for last year’s show here. Peace!


2 thoughts on ““Freedom Of Speech” Online Has Gone Way Too Far

  1. Excellent blog as always Unique! I hate trolls in general. It seems to me as time progresses, the trolls are getting worse and worse on any social media sites and blog sites. I always go by this saying even to this day which is if you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all and I wish there was more people who would go by this saying just like me but unfortunately, we all know that its just wishful thinking.

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    1. Hey Mark! Thanks for your support! I just subscribed to your blog and I loved your post, about to leave a comment now! Oh yes that’s why IMDB.com is shutting down their message boards on the 20th and people are panicking LOL…they’re upset because they can’t troll anymore. LOL! But they really do need to clean house online, especially on these urban, celebrity gossip sites because trolls run rampant up there!

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