This Season Of 2017 Officially Belongs To New Edition!

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Welcome back peeps! I hope you guys are enjoying February so far. I just wanted to take the time to blog about one of my favorite R&B and Hip Hop groups of all time, and that is New Edition! I am so happy that these very talented and handsome men are getting the props and recognition that they deserve. I don’t even keep up with a lot of these “celebrities” out today but I tell you it makes me feel good to see children and teenagers flipping out over New Edition! I guess we can thank New Edition and the producers of their BET movie, The New Edition Story. That is one of the best music biopics that I’ve ever seen!

The cast of the New Edition Story from left to right: Dwayne Johnson (Bobby Brown), Elijah Kelly (Ricky Bell), Algee Smith (Ralph Tresvant), Luke James (Johnny Gill), Keith Powers (Ronnie Devoe), Bryshere Gray (Michael Bivins)

According to Deadline, the movie was the most watched telecast in five years on BET. The movie brought in a total of 29 million viewers and was the number one topic trending on all of social media the three nights it aired! Considering that this is BET, that is awesome! I was checking out some of the comments and reviews from the movie and I have not seen not one negative comment yet, which is surprising. Of course you have some of the younger generation who think the cast playing New Edition look better than the actual group, but that’s a matter of opinion because I don’t agree. LOL. However, I will say that the cast did an excellent job portraying the group members and the story!

In addition to the success of the movie, New Edition has been seen doing interviews and also receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. They received their Hollywood Walk Of Fame star before the airing of the movie. They also got honored with a tribute at this year’s Trumpet Awards on TV One. It doesn’t stop there. Johnny Gill announced through TMZ that the group is planning to go on tour and release a new album! One thing I love about New Edition is that despite all the drama that they been through, they still managed to come together, make great music, and put on great shows across the country for the fans. A LOT of groups, singers, and rappers have come and gone from their era but they still are doing their thing and I can respect that. They also haven’t aged as bad as their peers. I mean look at Ronnie Devoe. This man is almost 50 years old but yet he looks and sounds like he’s in his late twenties or early thirties!

I’m very excited for what New Edition has in store for the future. New Edition is really my parents’ generation but I caught on to them at age 10 in the late 1990s. My dad used to play the New Edition greatest hits cassette tape in his car when we would all go on trips on the road that would last some hours and that’s what made me get into them in the beginning. Some of my favorite NE songs are If It Isn’t Love, Cool It Now, Mr. Telephone Man, Can You Stand The Rain, Candy Girl, Popcorn Love, I’m Still In Love With You, Hit Me Off, You’re Not My Kind Of Girl, and many others that were unreleased singles. Yes ladies and gentlemen, these are what you call LEGENDS who make TIMELESS music. This generation can have Beyonce and Rihanna. I’ll stick with New Edition. LOL.

Well, for those of you out there who saw the movie, what did you think about it personally? Were you surprised to learn that the guys were all still in the projects in the 1980s even though they had gained success? Were you surprised to learn that the drama between the group got so bad to the point guns were pulled out? Those were two things that surprised me. Now according to some tea that I did hear over the last week, New Edition did not sing any songs in the movie off the Home Again album because Diddy hadn’t signed over the rights for them to use those songs. Home Again, I assume, is the album still owned by Diddy and his label Bad Boy. That’s a shame because that was another great album from New Edition. I remember when they were on Family Matters promoting that album. They also appeared on New York Undercover. Yes indeed!

Comment and let me know what you guys thought about The New Edition Story and the group overall. Do you think they will ever truly be done with the drama? Who’s your favorite members and what are your favorite songs? What did you think about the cast who played them?


One thought on “This Season Of 2017 Officially Belongs To New Edition!

  1. The New Edition Story was great, all of the actors did an amazing job. I’d knew about some of their story when their episode of Vh1 Behind The Music aired in 2004. They deserved that star on Hollywood Walk of Fame! New Edition is The Temptations/Jackson 5 of our time from the 80s-Now! As a kid in the 90s I’ve always admired these fellas, I thought that I was a Junior Version of New Edition 😎. I was introduced to N.E.’s music from my oldest sibling when I was 3 years old in 1992, same year Bobby Brown’s “Bobby” album released. When their album Home Again came out in 1996, it was ahead of it’s time πŸ”₯πŸ’¨. Their appearance on Family Matters performing Hit Me Off & I’m Still In Love With You was dope including NY Undercover! I’m not surprised that Diddy refused let them use songs from One Love album on The New Edition Story, Puffy’s been greedy! Some of my favorite songs by NE is Popcorn Love, Candy Girl, Cool It Now, Mr. Telephone Man, NE Heartbreak, You’re Not My Kind Of Girl, Can You Stand The Rain, I’m Still In Love With You, Something About You, Hit Me Off, Oh Yeah It Feels So Good, You Don’t Have To Worry..The list goes on! Every member of N.E. had great Solo Albums! These guys are one of the few groups to have longevity like The Temptations & Jackson 5. The NE members I admired are Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill cool cats..all of those guys in N.E.! Dope Blog 😎


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