Is The Entertainment Industry Doomed?!

People love to be entertained

Good afternoon! How many of you guys watched the Golden Globes Sunday (January 8th) night? I know I was not the only one who thought it was a complete snooze fest. It was everything I expected it to be, boring. This is why I DVR EVERYTHING now because in general a lot of the entertainment of this era just does not interest me like the entertainment from the past. Congratulations to Viola Davis though! I’m happy for Tracee Ellis Ross as well! They both looked very nice but Viola has become one of my favorite actresses. She definitely deserved that award but other than her gracing the stage there was really nothing else to be said about the show, unless you enjoy bashing Trump. A lot of the nominees and wins were very predictable, as they are with all of these award shows.


Both Viola Davis and Tracee Ellis Ross won Golden Globe Awards for their performances

So when I ask if the entertainment industry is doomed, you may be wondering what exactly am I talking about. I’m talking about the music, movies, and TV shows that are currently on in this era. Of course there are some shows, movies, and music that I absolutely enjoy. We had a few good shows last year like Queen Sugar and Saints And Sinners. Last year was also the year I got into How To Get Away With Murder  and Being Mary Jane as well. We had a few good films like Fences, the Madea Halloween movie, Surviving Compton, Birth Of A Nation, the Toni Braxton Lifetime movie, and etc. I even fell in love with songs like Greenlight by Ro James and No Time For It by Fantasia. Rise Up by Andra Day was a song that really grew on me that I started to love. To me, when you have to think hard and count the number of things you like, that’s a problem! Now if you were to ask me about the entertainment from the 1970s-early 2000s, I would start naming movies, shows, and songs right off the bat. Those of you who have conversed with me over the years know I’m an old soul. LOL. So what exactly is the problem with entertainment in general of today? Seeing as though it is a new year and it’s award season, this is the perfect time to discuss this subject.

These artists put out some good songs that I happened to like last year in 2016

“Things to watch out for in the near future…
In radio: Within the next five years hip hop and r&b will be totally whitewashed. Behind the scenes there’s a push to replace real hip hop djs (basically black djs) with white or “other” djs. The stations that we’ve grown to love in the urban communities will be completely white washed with top 40 music and djs who will appear to be “down” but they will be used to further drive the white appropriation in urban media and music. The sad thing is we see it happening now in major markets but people aren’t really paying attention to what the real agenda is here…”

-This was posted in 2015 by a Lipstick Alley board member about the music industry. I can’t help but see this actually coming true in the future!

The Main Problems With Music Today

Trap “Music”
Oh my goodness, trap “music” is freaking horrible. I hate it. It’s basically just a mixture of ghetto, computerized sounding beats with that annoying, whiny auto-tune that rappers use to sing. This sound has killed REAL R&B and Hip Hop. First it was just auto-tune years ago, but now it’s this trap garbage. When is this crap going to end? This sound has been popular among society for at least five years now. If this sound continues to go on for several more years, I don’t expect real music and artists to ever return.

Anyone with any common sense knows these type of cats don’t put out real music!

People Forgot What Talent Is Thanks To Social Media
I can’t say this enough. Talent these days is measured by how you look, how much you’re willing to sell out, and how big your social media following is. If you are a high yellow female with a big behind but can hardly sing, people will still flock to you. If you are a hood dude with a million tattoos talking about “getting money” and “freaking hoes” all the time on social media, people will flock to you. The music industry today combined with social media is like one big gigantic World Star Hip Hop arena. Ratchet is in and classy is out. All you have to do is look at people like Amber Rose, Keri Hilson, Iggy, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Young Thug, Future, and etc. to see this culture being displayed. Oh man, and how can we forget Soulja Boy and Silento? These were the same guys yelling “watch me nae nae” and “superman that hoe.” LOL! It is so embarrassing what black music in general has become. People on social media eat this garbage up and think it’s cute. Today’s parents even have their young kids singing these songs cursing and then it’s put on video to go viral.

I couldn’t have said it better myself LOL

The Studio Albums Being Put Out Are Forgettable
It really is a shame that I can listen to an album from twenty-five years ago and keep it on repeat in my stereo but I can listen to an album now from an artist and months down the road I have completely forgotten the names of the songs. LOL. The music and albums being put out now are forgettable. This includes the ones that have a good hook to them as well. It’s just not memorable and if it wasn’t for YouTube, a lot of songs would have been forgotten even in the 2000s. People need to go back to the days when you could listen to an album all the way through nonstop because it sounded so good. Mary J Blige’s Share My World album from 1997 is a prime example of this. In my opinion, she hasn’t put an album that good out since!

All of these albums are memorable! 

The Internet Allows Free Downloading
Thanks to the Internet, you can download ANYTHING for free without having to pay for it. Honestly, I am guilty of this as well. There have been so many songs that have come out over the years that had a good beat but I did not feel the need to purchase it on a streaming service like iTunes. So yes, I have downloaded songs for free. LOL. I’m not saying this is right, but again, this goes back to my previous point about people putting out material that’s worth buying. A lot of Americans are struggling financially and aren’t going to put a lot of money into a mediocre record. Technology is a good thing but music executives shouldn’t deny the fact that the Internet has hurt music sales.

Free file-sharing sites and apps make it easy to download any song or video off the INTERNET

The Main Problems With Television Shows And Movies Today

There’s Too Many Reality Shows
Every since Flavor Of Love became successful over ten years ago, the TV networks have been infatuated with ratchet reality TV shows. We’ve had a few good reality shows about real celebrities that have gotten canceled due to them being decent shows. One good example of this is Flex and Shanice. Even if this show was staged, overall it was a decent family show. I guess people don’t really want to see that. They want to see Love And Hip Hop and The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. They want to see women cursing and fighting over men, money, and material possessions. They want to see women hit below the belt with each other using harsh insults. It’s embarrassing, especially for black reality shows. These reality TV stars are willing to do anything they can for a check. If that means faking story lines, they’re all for it. If that means telling all of their family secrets and humiliating themselves in front of millions of viewers, that’s cool with them. I feel like if the networks want to produce reality shows, they should produce quality shows. Why not have a reality show showing young blacks how to start a business? Why not have a reality show teaching young people the effects of living the street life? Why not have a reality show featuring a group of beautiful women and men of color traveling the world? You can’t tell me people would not watch that because I know I would!

It’s time for less of these type of ratchet shows and more quality shows

TV And Movies Today Promote The Idea That Black Love Is Dead And Everyone Is Gay
I’m telling you, every time I watch a lot of these new dramas and movies, I feel the writers and directors behind the scenes are trying to promote this agenda that black relationships no longer exist and that everyone in the world is gay. This is why I miss and watch older sitcoms and dramas from past decades. Those shows to me touched more on reality. These directors and writers are shoving the swirly dating and same sex couples in our face every chance they get just to cause a reaction from the public. It’s corny and crazy. People have a right to live how they want, but others have a right to oppose that way of living and thinking as well. It seems to me everything in the entertainment industry now is socially and politically driven. It’s pure mind control and many people are asleep and not realizing what’s really going on. Contrary to popular belief and the media’s agenda, there are a lot of black relationships and there are a lot of people who are together of the opposite gender. LOL.

Hollywood is definitely trying to promote an agenda among the American population and these images are self-explanatory 

Black Actors Are Reduced To Playing Stereotypical Roles
For the past several years, we’ve seen shows and movies come out that are all about slavery, civil rights, racism, swirly dating, prostitution, criminal activity, and etc. People of color are always reduced to the same stereotypical roles over and over again. We need something different with really good writing. These roles promote the belief that people of color are only good at playing dysfunctional roles because that’s all we truly are. It doesn’t help either that these actors are rewarded at these huge award ceremonies for playing slaves, drug dealers, criminals, and etc. Since the media is a powerful tool, why not show powerful and positive images? I, like so many others, are tired of the same old thing over and over again. Maybe people of color in the industry need to put all of their resources and money together to create their own version of Hollywood to put out to the world what they REALLY want to. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know?!

We need more of a diversity when it comes to films featuring people of color

Overall, the entertainment industry is boring and that is being reflected in these dry and predictable award shows. It’s also being reflected on mainstream radio stations with this horrific noise they call music. I’ve heard rumors that these award shows are just for entertainment purposes and not based on who is really talented anymore. I can believe that wholeheartedly. The entertainment industry is being ruined by non-talented individuals, social media, media propaganda promoting brainwashing, and the refusal to show positivity. It’s 2017 and I wonder if 2017 will be the year that we see better entertainment overall? I mean we’ve lost so many great entertainers within in the last 15-20 years that had a huge impact on different generations. No one can replace these people we lost either. However, there are a lot of talented individuals out here.  I guess only time will tell if the entertainment industry is really doomed forever. In my opinion, I think it is. I think the 1990s is the last best decade we will ever see in terms of entertainment. What do you think? Have a great week guys and thanks for reading! I’ll be back with some more good stuff this week.


2 thoughts on “Is The Entertainment Industry Doomed?!

  1. The Entertainment Industry is crumbling! These Movie Screenwriters today are running out of ideas with these terrible Movie Remakes, bad Action films, slavery films & 3D Animated films. 3D Animation is being overused by these filmmakers (Thanks to Pixar). Hand Drawn Animated films similar to Disney’s The Lion King should return to the big screen! Today’s TV Writers are lacking creativity! Most of these award shows nowadays are 😪😴. Almost every TV Channel today has a Reality Show & Mystery show like C.S.I., it’s getting old! As a black man I’m tired of Black Actors playing Slaves & Stereotypes like Drug Dealers, Pimps, Prostitutes & Abusive Alcoholic parents. There should be more positive films for black families again! Trap Rap & Autotune music is getting on my nerves 😒. Some of these R&B, Hip Hop artist from the 90s are selling out. As an Old Soul myself, I like TV shows & movies from 70s-Early 2000s but listens to music from Late 60s-Early 2000s because most of Today’s artist lack creativity. Great blog 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very very very good comment! You summed up everything! Thanks for your comment, honestly I forgot what I wrote in this post LOL! I don’t care for the 3D animation, I mean it was cool with Toy Story but it is really overrated now. They don’t even do hand drawn animation anymore, another reason why I’m so glad I grew up in the 1990s as a kid! Everything is so generic, mediocre, and predictable. I think technology helped to create this boring era as well. Great comment!


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