2016 – Wow, What A Crazy Year!


Good afternoon everyone! I guess you all thought I wasn’t returning huh? LOL. To be honest, I just didn’t have much to say since my last post. I’ve just been living life to the best of my ability but as I said before, always know that I WILL keep giving you guys my perspective and creating a peaceful environment where we can all discuss fun topics! It is hard to believe that we are once again at the end of another year, 2016! It is also hard to believe that this blog has been up almost a year. Wow, what a crazy year this has been! What kind of year has 2016 been for you? I’ve heard some people say that they are ready for this year to be over with and I can understand.

For this particular blog post, I’m going to give you guys my review of 2016 by discussing what 2016 taught me, the things I think that need to remain in 2016, and my hopes for 2017. To all my readers and supporters out there, what kind of year do you think 2017 will be? Was 2016 worse or better than 2015? What did 2016 teach you?

What 2016 Taught Me

Never say anything to anyone you don’t know that well that you don’t want to hear again, because nine times out of ten, it won’t return the way it went out. This is especially true when it comes to the workforce. Folks, I’ve worked around people who have told me about their problems but me being the nice person that I am, I don’t repeat it. However, MOST people are not like me. LOL. They WILL repeat it. Well, one of my coworkers told me awhile back that she told another coworker about her health issues and it got around the department that she had some illness that she claimed not to have. What happened in this situation is that she told the wrong girl her situation! This girl went and ran her mouth to others in the department and all her business got all over the department and to management. 2016 taught me that you better make sure you know someone REALLY WELL before you spill your tea to them! For me personally, this is common sense. Nevertheless, I see for a lot of people, they don’t get it.

When you go to work, remember that you are there to get your money and go home. At the end of the day you are just an “employee” to the company. Yes indeed, this is the way you have to look at these jobs now. This day and age there are a lot of unemployed people and a lot of people who have been let go from jobs that they have worked at for years. I’ve known people like this. They invest all their time in a company and then when the company is ready to cut back and lay them off, that’s that. I don’t go to work to make friends. Yes, there are some nice people who I work with; but I go to work to simply collect my coins and go home. Since most of us are in a position where we HAVE to work, I think that’s the best mentality to have. No one wants to work, my goodness I understand. My thing is you just have to have your mind right. Remember your purpose for being there and that will help you have a smooth day.


When you go to work, always keep your money on your mind and that will help you grind! 

Always expect the unexpected in life.  This is a scary statement to me because you just never know what you will deal with or what you will hear about in this life. This is just reality. Think about it. Who in their right mind thought Donald Trump would become president? LOL. Who predicted Hurricane Matthew would leave the damage that it did a couple of months back when it hit the southeast coast? Who predicted that we would lose Prince, one of the last living legends we had? Who would have thought The Birth Of A Nation would have basically flopped at the box office the way it did? You just never know. Over a month ago, I got a call from my dad telling me that my great-grandmother had died. She was about ninety and the only living great grandparent I had. She was sick as well, but I just knew I was going to be able to see that woman at least one more time. Folks, always prepare for the worse. I hate to say that, but this day and age life is the way it is. Make sure you save your money for a rainy day as well!

From politics, to movies, to social issues,  to celebrity deaths, 2016 has been quite a roller coaster ride! UPDATE: I realize Natalie Cole died the last day of 2015 but some of us did not hear about it until 2016 and reports about her death ran in January of 2016

It’s ok to speak your mind, even if your opinion in unpopular. This is one of the main reasons why I created my blog! I got tired of visiting sites like Bossip, MediaTakeOut, Black Voices, and etc. and reading so many ignorant comments from people. It just confirmed my belief that so many are lost in this era. Some of my favorite YouTubers will make statements that are not popular with the general public but they have a “don’t care” attitude and that’s what I like about them. You can have a different opinion and still make sense, and that’s what this society needs to understand. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, “What are my haters doing for me personally?” That right there will give you your answer. LOL.

Be thankful for what you have and count your blessings everyday. I cannot say this enough. This is one of the biggest things that 2016 taught me overall. This society will have you thinking that you need to have everything you can materially and financially but you know what, what about the people who have NONE of that? What about the people who live in shacks and have no shoes? What about the people who are starving in the world? What about the many black mothers who have lost their sons and some daughters to police brutality? What about the many people who live in extreme poverty? Your situation in life could be so much worse. In fact, in general I believe Americans are spoiled. Always thank the one above for what you have in life.

Be thankful everyday!

Things That Need To Stay In 2016

Sagging pants on boys and men need to go asap! I am sooooo tired of seeing this everywhere I go. I mean, people have the right to dress how they want to but what exactly do young and old men get out of walking around with their pants hanging off their behinds? What are you telling society? What does that say about you as a man? It just doesn’t look presentable and it screams ghetto ignorance folks. It needs to go. That is a trend that needs to die asap. When I see guys who dress that way, the first thing I think is THUG.

Women need to stop putting in red, blue, green, and purple highlights. That is so ugly. LOL. Honestly, these women walk around out here like that looks good but in most business environments those kind of hair hoodrat colors are not allowed. It screams, “I’m a hoodrat, look at me!” LOL. That needs to stay in 2016.

I hope in 2017 this hoodrat and thug culture will eventually die off.

People should stop supporting public figures who throw their own people under the bus and who promote buffonery and coonery. These corny “rappers” and “entertainers” who stay cooning for the masses should stop being supported. Their careers should end. If they don’t care about their communities and their fans then why are their projects still being promoted? It was amazing to see so many people publicly proclaim that they were not going to support The Birth Of A Nation because of Nate Parker. However, there are many public figures out there who have done way worse than Nate Parker I’m sure and they are still being celebrated. So I would say that blind loyalty is something that needs to stay in 2016. In the words of Maya Angelou, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them!”

Ratchet reality TV shows such as The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Love And Hip Hop, Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, and others need to go into extinction. It’s time for this ratchet reality TV era and these “clapbacks” between reality TV stars to end for good. It’s been going on for about a decade now. We need more quality TV shows, especially more shows featuring people of color. We had tons of them back in the 1990s. These ratchet shows only reinforce negative stereotypes and mental destruction. It does not build one up, but tears one down. It’s tired. It’s old. It’s petty.

Enough of the reality TV thots! We’ve had a couple of good shows this year on like Queen Sugar, Saints and Sinners, and Donnie After Dark. 

Bad “music” needs to stay in 2016 forever. The music industry has been really bad mainstream for over a decade now. Many ask the question, is real music ever going to make a comeback mainstream? Are we going to have to continue to keep settling for the same five “artists” over and over again? I hear people on the street with more talent than these suckers you hear on the radio, especially the rappers. This trap trash is the worst. I hope in 2017 we don’t hear much of it. Just being honest folks! LOL. I want to hear MUSIC and MELODIES, not digital, computerized, robotic sounding beats with grown men trying to sing.

My Hopes For 2017

In 2017, I hope to see some snow, get a job that I actually like, see less police brutality, see less slavery movies, and continue to stay on the right path in life. I don’t really make many goals because life is so uncertain. In 2017, I will always live by the beat of my own drum. I will continue to be me and not be conformed by the coonery standards around me. A lot of young adults my age are extremely lost in life. They have no morals on anything. They just want to party and sleep around. I guess I could say that I plan to lose weight, but that’s not even my main goal. People say that every year. However, I do want to eat a little more healthier. Health is important because without your good health, what can you do?

I honestly hope in 2017 that people will learn to think before they speak and start making wiser decisions when it comes to EVERYTHING. I hope that society will stop being so easily misled. I hope that I do not lose anyone close to me in 2017. I hope that we can start seeing and hearing better entertainment. I will always treasure the 1990s. That’s not going to change. LOL. I will always be old school because I just have a strong feeling those 20th century decades are the best years this world will possibly ever see.

I would like to tell all of you who have supported this blog and me on other social media outlets over the years that I really do appreciate it! I will always do my thing and show love back because that’s the kind of person I am. As with my other social media outlets, I look forward to my blog growing as well. Some of you have given me suggestions on topics that I could touch on and I look forward to blogging on more topics in 2017! I’ll have another blog post coming before the year is over but I hope you guys enjoy the rest of 2016! Thank you!



4 thoughts on “2016 – Wow, What A Crazy Year!

  1. The year of 2016 was neutral! We’ve lost so many legends like Maurice White, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Phife Dawg, Kashif, Tommy Ford, Florence Henderson, Alan Thicke & Zsa Zsa Gabor. Losing my Grandparents (On my Mother’s side) & pet Dog (My Grandma & Dog died the same month) really hit home for me, they passed 3 months apart! The best thing happened to me was my new job! Lots of bizarre things happened like Donald Trump winning the Election ! Some people has lost their mind, there’s lots of buffoonery going on too! That’s why I keep to myself & stay away from phony, ignorant people. I can’t stand negativity! As for myself I’m Old School to the bone! To me, the 70s-90s are the greatest decades! Sorry for the loss of your Great Grandmother, I send my prayers to you & your family! In 2017, I’ll love less Buffonery, No Police Brutality, less Reality Shows, less Slavery Films & no Trap Music 🙅! Great post Unique 👍👍 & nice Meme too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Soul! I send my prayers and condolences to your family as well and hope you have a great 2017! 2017 is starting off quite bizzarre already if you want to look at current news. LOL. Crazy world we live in but I guess you just make the best of these last days!


  2. Great blog as always Unique!👍👍This year went by so fast! Honestly, 2016 hasn’t been the best year imo cuz we had a lot of legends that passed away this year such as Prince, Chyna who used to be a wrestler, and Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch. I’m still in shock about that jabroni Trump getting elected as president cuz I just can’t take him seriously as a politician smh. Sorry to hear about your great-grandmother btw. This year, I’ve learned that everybody that’s sitting on the front row truly isn’t a fan cuz several months ago, I had to cut this person off that I thought was a friend of mine and it was hard for me cuz I been rocking with this person for over a year. The reason why I had to let this person go is because he was tryna discourage me from doing something that I love to do and I can’t deal with kind of negativity. This world is so backwards cuz it seems like your haters are your secret admirers and your friends are your undercover haters. I’m a lot like you cuz I’m also old school for the most part and I don’t conform to society’s ignorant beliefs at all. Keep on being yourself and keep up the good work ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you so much for your awesome comment cause I couldn’t agree more! I know you have told me a lot this year that people have been getting on your nerves and honestly I can relate because let me tell you, I get anxiety even when going to the grocery store, especially this time of year! I just hate being around the pubic because everyone is so inconsiderate and people stare too much! LOL! Folks is crazy…you just don’t know what’s on an individual’s mind…Trump winning REALLY surprised me because I just knew Hillary had it, but you know what, at the end of the day none of these politicians are 100% sincere. Nothing they have ever done has ever really benefited black folks either. I learned that Bill Clinton signed one of the worst bills in US history back in 1994 which was three strikes and your out and thousands to millions of black men were incarcerated thanks to that. He not too long ago apologized for signing that bill because he realized it took so many people away from their families. I can understand having to cut people off. Some people also act like they don’t really know you anymore when they meet new people or when they get in a relationship and people like that I cut off as well. The sad part is when that person’s friendship or relationship goes sour, then they want to come crawling back to their old friends but by then it’s too dagone late…should have appreciated them when they were here! I also say that about these celebrities that are passing away…the public doesn’t appreciate them until they’re gone. Thanks about my grandmother, I appreciate that bruh. I hope you have a great 2017 and get ready for some more good tea and a perspective from the one and only Unique! Thanks for all your support this year!


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