Michel’le Exposes Dr. Dre And Suge Knight In “Surviving Compton” And I’m Here For It

Surviving Compton

Good afternoon! So like many of you this past Saturday, I also watched the Lifetime movie, Surviving Compton. The movie was so good! I watched it twice this past weekend and loved it even more the second time around. The actress, Rhyon Nicole Brown (she played in Lincoln Heights), did an amazing job playing Michel’le and so did the other cast members. After watching the movie and the follow-up documentary, Beyond The Headlines, I developed a newfound respect for Michel’le. I really liked her personality on R&B Divas LA but after seeing this movie I realize she is the TRUE definition of a survivor. That poor, beautiful, and very talented woman endured so much throughout the years. I mean, who knew?!

I’m under the impression that many people who were around during the West Coast hip hop era are well aware that Dr. Dre was a woman beater. However, this current generation was very shocked to find out about Dr. Dre and ever since that movie has come to light, Dr. Dre’s social media pages have been in shambles. The Internet set him on fire and rightfully so. LOL. I was laughing reading the comments. I feel like what’s done in the dark comes to the light eventually and just because someone is an icon, legend, or big time public figure doesn’t mean karma won’t get them back. I want to touch on some main points I got from watching Surving Compton and Beyond The Headlines on Michel’le. Her movie shed so much light on domestic abuse and the just the hip hop culture in general.


Hip Hop hated most women. That was a very powerful statement Michel’le made in her movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love some hip hop music, mostly the music from the 80s to the early 2000s. However, I have to be honest. Rap music degrades women in the worst way. They are either wh**es, hookers, sluts, b****es, or tramps. I can probably count the number of hip hop songs I’ve heard in my life that did NOT degrade women because 98% of them did in some sort of manner. Women are not just sex objects and baby mamas and the West Coast rappers started the glamorization of degrading women, especially black women. When you listen to a lot of hip hop records from the East coast before the late 80s, they were more so socially-conscious rappers and rappers who talked about having a good time. Then NWA was born in the late 80s and hip hop changed FOREVER.

Dr. Dre was a monster. OMG, I knew Dr. Dre was gangster because of his rap lyrics but I had no idea he beat women and apparently a LOT of people didn’t either! Dr. Dre has been getting dragged all week since Suriving Compton aired. According to the movie, Dr. Dre fell in love with Michel’le as soon as he heard her sing and he kept calling her every day from that moment in the studio. Eazy E was also trying to talk to Michel’le but I guess Dr. Dre won her heart. We also learn that Dr. Dre had a lot of kids by different women even when he was with Michel’le.

Now the scene that really disgusted me was when Dre comes home to Michel’le drunk and hops in the bed and starts viciously beating her. It made me sick to my stomach and it was DISGUSTING. Why did he do it? What on earth did this woman do to get so viciously beat over the years? In addition to that, Dre NEVER called his son by Michel’le by his name. The boy’s name is Marcel and he’s grown now but I wonder how this young man feels about his father knowing his father treated his mother so horribly. Dr. Dre even shot at Michel’le and was going to hit her while she was carrying young Marcel. It was just tragic. I bet Dre never thought all of this would come out.


The good thing is Michel’le has living witnesses to validate her story about Dre. Tichina Arnold was really good friends with Michel’le, which I did not know. It was news to me to find out that Dre viciously and severely beat this hip hop journalist by the name of Dee Barnes. It was all because she did an interview back in the day on some hip hop show interviewing Ice Cube, and he was talking smack about NWA. It was said on Beyond the Headlines that Dre beat her like there was no tomorrow even though it was not HER decision to do the interview. Unlike Michel’le, Dee pressed charges. I don’t see how ANYONE could support Dre at this point.

Eazy E and Tupac were kind to Michel’le. From watching the movie we see that Michel’le was a Tupac fan and was impressed with his rapping skills. It apparently bothered Dr. Dre because he scolded Michel’le about it in the movie. Eazy E also wanted to get with Michel’le because even at the beginning of the movie we see that he kept calling her nonstop. Eazy E also spoke up in defense of Michel’le when he would see Dre publicly degrade her. It seems Eazy and Dre got in heated arguments whenever Eazy would take up for Michel’le. It was a mess. According to Michel’le’s Wendy Williams interview recently, she said she wished she had hooked up with Tupac because he wasn’t bad on the eyes. I wanted to give her a high-five for that comment. LOL! Too bad that never happened. Sigh.


michelle eazy e.PNG

Suge Knight helped Michel’le but also abused her.  Were we really surprised Michel’le was hit in the face by Suge Knight? Not really. Suge Knight has had a bad reputation around the industry for over twenty years and counting. What I think a lot of people didn’t know was that Suge helped Michel’le get clean from substance abuse. However, he later lied about marrying her and felt that she owed him for getting her clean. He degraded her but according to her he’s been a good father to their daughter, Bailey. Poor Bailey, I can’t imagine being Suge Knight’s kid. LOL. I feel like Dre was dragged much more online than Suge because most people already knew Suge was violent.


Michel’le’s family background had a lot to do with how she chose men. Michel’le was raised by her grandmother primarily and she mentioned that in Compton, abuse was something she always saw. Her grandmother taught her that it was OK for a man to hit you and that was his way of showing that he loved you. Wow. I’m glad her grandmother changed her way of thinking later in life because that really messed up Michel’le’s mindset on men. Enough is enough and she finally got there and cut ties with Dre and eventually Suge as well.

Overall, I would give this movie a grade of A. As I stated earlier, if you haven’t seen it, check it out! What were your thoughts on Surviving Compton and Michel’le?


One thought on “Michel’le Exposes Dr. Dre And Suge Knight In “Surviving Compton” And I’m Here For It

  1. Surviving Compton was great, I think it’s one of the best biopics to hit Lifetime Network. Great ending too! I’ve watched it the day after it premiered & I’m still watching it today! Michel’le did a great job with the narration & Rhyon Nicole Brown from Lincoln Heights did an excellent job including the rest of the cast members! Dr. Dre’s a sucker and a woman beater I’m never supporting his music again, He can’t even write his own lyrics! I’ve heard about the incidents of Dr. Dre abusing Dee Barnes & a female rapper signed to Ruthless Records named Tarrie B.! Michel’le exposed Dre years ago for abusing her but it was swept under the rug! Watching those scenes of Michel’le detailing how Dr. Dre (and Suge Knight) abused her had me heated! Dre physically & verbally abused her in private and in public smh, he’s a coward including Suge! Suge always been an idiot, now he’s paying for it! Now Dre’s filing a lawsuit against Michel’le for “Defamation of Character” he’s a clown. Great Post!

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