Let’s Talk About The Birth Of A Nation

The rebellion was one of the most powerful scenes in the movie!

What’s up world?! I hope everyone has had a good and safe week despite this week’s crazy events! The biggest talk this week has been Hurricane Matthew and let me just tell you that the hurricane did devastate some regions of the southeastern part of the country but all is well and good my way.Β I am so sorry to hear about Haiti though.Β I hope those of you affected by the hurricane are in a good or at least safe place. I just have to give you guys a review of The Birth Of A Nation because I did go see it and even though there is talk that the movie flopped, I’ve got to give you my honest review!

On Monday, October 10, my mom and I went to the movie theater to see The Birth Of A Nation. News had just broke that day that the movie had flopped over the weekend and I wasn’t surprised. The biggest talk over this past weekend was Hurricane Matthew. In addition to that, Nate Parker had been doing interviews and making himself look bad. He came off as uncaring and arrogant in regards to the rape allegations that took place in 1999. For him it was all about promoting his movie. I saw the interviews and I could tell from social media reactions that Nate had turned a LOT of people off.

Nate Parker recently did an interview on 60 Minutes and felt he didn’t need to apologize for anything because he claims he was innocent. This interview alone turned a LOT of people off. This interview was only a few days away from the debut of the movie to theaters.

Well, it was about 30 people in all at the theater down the street from where I live. There was more people there than I thought would be there because we were currently having a 6 pm curfew because of the flooding in my city. My mom and I went to the 3:50 pm show. Overall, I must say the movie was good and worth a see. I heard that some things were not historically accurate but the movie is definitely worth seeing. I will tell you this though, it will make you disgusted. No, they did not show any rape scenes but we do see brutal beatings and torture of the slaves. We hear the “n” word being thrown around a lot.

The movie reminded me of Twelve Years A Slave, Roots, and the documentary on Emmett Till. The entire cast did a great job in the movie. The person who stood out the most to me was Aja Naomi King, who played Nat Turner’s wife, Cherry. She had the biggest role out of all the women involved. Surprisingly, Gabrielle Union did not have a big role at all. She basically got married and did a cute dance and then later we see her facial expression after being raped by a white man. As I said, we do not see the rapes, which is a great thing. Towards the end of the movie it is refreshing to see the slaves finally revolt, even though we know Nat was murdered eventually.

The wonderful cast of The Birth Of A Nation.

What I can’t understand is why critics have been so harsh on the movie. Was it the best movie I’ve ever seen? Of course not. No slave movie is really entertaining honestly LOL. It was NOT horrible either and I think Nate had a great supporting cast. It’s just a shame that the other actors will be punished come awards season because of Nate’s bad press. Months ago, the industry was promoting this movie as the best movie of the year to see. Then August came and everything changed. The fact that Nate is married to a Caucasian woman didn’t help matters either.

Since all the controversy, Gabrielle Union has even came out recently and said that she supports people refusing to see the movie. Wow. Gabrielle was in the movie but now she’s siding with people against Nate. That has to make Nate feel humiliated. I’ve been watching the actions of the rest of the cast on social media and they seem to be acting like the movie never existed since the critics trashed it so bad. That has to be a huge blow to Nate’s ego because he worked so hard on this movie for years and to have many people throw dirt on this movie is just tragic. However, I feel the other cast members should have promoted this movie more than Nate even though he produced it. Once his image was tarnished, FOX should have let Gabrielle, Aja, and Aunjanue do press for the movie instead because I’m sure many people (particularly black women) would have supported it if it had a different face to it. People already had their minds made up about Nate Parker.

Gabrielle Union and Nate Parker.

I think that Roland Martin needs to have a stadium of seats. Blaming women of color for why the movie didn’t do well this past weekend at the box office is STUPID. I deactivated my Twitter account a week ago because Twitter was getting too political and controversial, but I was glad Twitter ate him alive for tweeting something so pathetic. There are a lot of women of color who support black male actors in the industry. Perhaps, they just don’t care for Nate’s attitude, Roland. I never cared for that Roland Martin.

This loser was obviously trying to troll Twitter that night. LOL

The movie does inspire you and make you grateful for the time you are currently living in because our ancestors had it so much worse than we do today. We are currently living in bad times today, but it is NOT as bad as what they had to go through. If anything, this movie inspires you to be the best you can be and take advantage of all the freedoms and opportunities you have today. It could be so much worse! So I would suggest this movie to a friend.

Did any of you go see The Birth Of A Nation or are you planning to see it? Let me know what you think in the comments section!


One thought on “Let’s Talk About The Birth Of A Nation

  1. I’d watched The Birth Of A Nation a week after it released in theaters! I thought it was a very good Biopic about Nat Turner! Unfortunately it flopped at the box office due to bad press against Nate Parker on the Rape allegations in 1999 smh! Nate’s interview on CBS 60 Minutes made it even worse! In the interview he’d seemed not only arrogant but selfish and cold-hearted. He didn’t have any remorse for the victim! The way he acted on 60 Minutes made it seemed like he was actually responsible for sexual assaulting the woman smh. That statement Roland Martin made was foolish just like his Hairline πŸ˜‚. Due to the controversy this movie failed to make it at #1 & #2 at the box office! Overall, The Birth of A Nation was very good! Nate Parker, Aunjanue Ellis, Gabrielle Union, Aja Naomi King & the rest of the cast members did a great job! The movie scenes that made me smile was the weddings & when Nat Turner and the brothas that were slaves took down their slave masters! The scenes that uspet me was when the Slave was being fed food through a funnel after the slave master knocked his teeth out with a hammer, Nat Turner’s wife Cherry assaulted, Nat Turner being whipped & The family being hunged at the end of the movie 😞. As a Man, watching that child hunged at the end really broke my heart! Hopefully NAACP will give this film an award regardless of the controversy with Nate Parker! I give this film 4 Stars, Great Post!


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