Movies I’m Looking Forward To Seeing

These are some of the movies I can’t wait to see very soon!Β 

Welcome back to another edition of From A Unique Perspective! To those who may be looking for more posts from me, I apologize in advance. Sometimes I just don’t have much to really talk about because most of the news lately has been so negative and depressing, but I will say this. There are several movies that I’m looking forward to seeing over the next few months! I recently saw When The Bough Breaks and it was good! It was like a black thriller and almost like a Lifetime movie. LOL, no shade, but it was good to see Regina Hall in a leading role because sometimes I get tired of seeing the same people over and over in leading movie roles these days.

Before When The Bough Breaks premiered, I hadn’t been to the movies since Straight Out Of Compton came out last year. LOL. Most movies and TV shows now days just don’t interest me, although there are some that I do currently watch. Hollywood is definitely dry and running out of ideas these days. However, the following movies will have me paying for a ticket at my local theater very soon!


I love me a good Sci-Fi film! When I recently saw When The Bough Breaks, I was really impressed by the trailer for the movie Kong: Skull Island. I saw too that Samuel L. Jackson was one of the film’s major stars, and I knew right then and there it was most likely going to be good. Rarely does Samuel L. Jackson or Denzel Washington put out bad films. Sci-Fi films make a ton of money too. The special effects for this movie look off the chain as well. I plan to see this one next year when it comes out in March!



For awhile I have been over Lifetime movies about famous people because the Aaliyah one was a disaster and the Whitney Houston one was average, but watchable. However, I think Surviving Compton is a great follow up to Straight Outta Compton! When I saw this trailer I was blown away because I said to myself, this looks like a great film! The Toni Braxton Lifetime movie was great so I’m expecting this one to be as good. At least Michele is behind this film. Michele’s interviews about Dr. Dre abusing her is the reason why I stopped supporting Dr. Dre or listening to any of his music. I just can’t support violent and abusive men. I do think this movie will cause a lot of controversy within the industry on the West Coast side but I’m here for it because I love when snakes get exposed! What’s done in the dark comes to the light eventually!



Being that I’m a huge Tupac fan, I’m definitely going to support this movie, All Eyez On Me! The trailer was breathtaking and the guy who plays Tupac ( Demetrius Shipp Jr) looks so much like him! Let’s hope he can act well too. LOL. From my understanding, John Singleton produced this film and I’m so glad he did because he’s someone who really knew Tupac and worked with him. I hate when people who barely knew someone want to create documentaries or movies about that individual. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a good and authentic Aaliyah movie told by someone who was close to her and who really knew her! I’m so glad they didn’t create a Tupac Lifetime movie though. I’m so looking forward to seeing this one!



When I saw the trailer for this new Madea movie, I fell out laughing because I’m like, Tyler Perry is finally back! This movie looks like a mixture of horror and hilarious crazy! I live for Madea and I’ve always supported any movies Madea related. I’m sure this movie will be a box office hit considering that anytime Tyler Perry does a movie black folks will come from everywhere to support it. LOL. I’m sure this film will give me a good laugh.



Has Denzel Washington ever put out a bad film??? I don’t think so. I fell in love with Viola Davis when I saw her in her hit ABC show, How To Get Away With Murder. She is awesome in that show! I also enjoyed watching her and Jennifer Lopez in Lila and Eve, which was released on Netflix some months back. I really liked that film as well. Having Viola and Denzel come together in a film is just amazing. I will definitely be supporting this one as well. Two amazing actors together in a film that touches on real life is powerful. My dad rarely goes to the movies but even he said this movie looks really good.



Now on to the most controversial movie and topic of this year so far, and that’s The Birth Of A Nation. Now let me say this, I understand why some people don’t want to see this movie. I did not overly keep up with the Nate Parker rape case, but from reading people’s comments some are saying that he was acquitted and then some was saying that he caused the victim to commit suicide. However, I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I heard about it last year. A Nat Turner movie has NEVER been made before and to see this hit the big screen is amazing! I don’t know whether Nate Parker is guilty or not. Time has a way of revealing the truth about people. Just ask Bill Cosby. I will be going to see this film though because Nate Parker is not the only actor in this movie. I’m also fans of Aja Naomi King, Aunjanue Ellis, and Gabrielle Union. If anything, I’m supporting this film for the sake of seeing a Nat Turner film and supporting those three ladies. I’m pretty sure the rest of the cast would have backed out of the project if they had known about Nate’s rape case earlier on. Just recently, a clip of Nate Parker’s 60 Minutes interview coming up revealed that he was not apologizing for his actions back in 1999. Wow. According to USA Today and other online media outlets, Nate Parker revealed that he doesn’t feel guilty at all. All I can say is Nate better be glad this movie has a supporting cast because if it was just him it would BOMB badly. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it does next week!



So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad we have some movies with a majority black cast coming out that actually looks worth the money! I hope all these movies do well at the box office too. I hate when really good films bomb at the box office because it doesn’t appeal to certain cultures. We shall see in the coming weeks and months! It will be very interesting to see what the hashtags will be next award season.



4 thoughts on “Movies I’m Looking Forward To Seeing

  1. It’s great we’re starting to see more black films again! The movies I’m looking forward to see this month is Disney’s Queen of Katwe, The Birth Of A Nation, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Maya Angelou: Still I Rise Documentary and Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween that film’s going to be hilarious. I’ve heard that Queen Of Katwe was a great film & I’m going to check out Surviving Compton too! In November I’m going to watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange, All Eyez On Me and Almost Christmas starring Danny Glover, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Elise & Omar Epps! In December & Early 2017 I’m looking forward to Fences (with Denzel Washington & Viola Davis), The Expendables 4, Alien 5 (Sigourney Weaver’s back as Ripley), Star Wars: Episode VIII (8), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Kong: Skull Island with Samuel L. Jackson. There’s going to be lots of great movies next year! Excellent Post ☺

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    1. Hey Soul thanks for your continued support! You have a great list here! It’s about time some good films came out because Hollywood has been really dry these last few years! I might go see one movie a year at this point…but it looks like we have some good things in store in the coming months!


  2. Hey love good to see a post. Now I recently saw When The Bough Breaks and it was good enough I guess but I must say it was very predictable like an Obsessed 2.0 sort of. I very much enjoyed chocolatey Morris Chestnut yes indeed,Regina my girl I always like seeing her on screen she needs more leading roles if you ask me.

    Any movies with Samuel L. Jackson is a bonafide hit as well as Viola Davis and MR GQ back n day Denzel Fineass Washington people been sleeping on Denzel but let’s not forget he was THE MAN in Hollywood once his acting can’t be denied.

    I’m glad after years Miche’le story will be told. She went through and survived years of abuse and it’s time the world know the truth I will be watching and probably reviewing. I no longer support Dr.Dre and haven’t for years however selling Dre Beats was a dumb ass idea ok whatever not here for Dre no cares could be found.

    Tyler Perry is very good at playing and playing the role of Madear he embodies her completely. He says it’s a mixture of his mother,grandmother and aunts and being raised in the south I see my own relatives and as I grow older myself in Madear so Ill be watching.

    Good blog I’m glad im home recuperating from a stomach virus and caught it early on.

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    1. Hello Someone thanks for commenting! Are you someone I know already? LOL. Just checking but I love your comment and you are the first person to comment on this new post so far! Will you be supporting Birth Of A Nation? What about the Tupac movie?


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