It’s Easier To Meet People Online Than In Real Life


Hello everyone! I know I haven’t done a blog post in almost a month, but I’m back because in the coming weeks there’s going to be so much to talk about I’m sure! One of my buddies over at YouTube asked me to discuss the topic of meeting people online who are cool versus meeting folks in real life. I have touched on social media and the personalities of people in general in the past up here but today I’d like to go a little more in detail on this topic.

You see, I’ve been using social media constantly since 2009. So far that has been seven years for me and I have gone through positive experiences and negative experiences. I can honestly tell you, just like in real life, you are going to come across some ignorant psychos who can’t be trusted. When I used to be really into to reality TV shows, I came across some of the most ignorant, ratchet, and hostile people you could ever come across on Twitter. From personal experience, I have met some of the most kind people ever on YouTube. I have buddies that have interacted with me on YouTube for the past five or six years and are still supportive and I support them as well. These people who I speak of have never been shady towards me and I have never been shady towards them. I find that whenever you discuss things dealing with entertainment, you come in contact with a lot of cool people. I realized that my love for the 1990s and other past decades of pop culture are shared by MILLIONS.


I have also come across some really cool people on YouTube who have great content on their channels and as a result I feel like I have gotten to know these people personally. I’ve gained new subscribers over the past several months who also support this blog I have and we have become good buddies. I have had buddies on YouTube also tell me that they are introverts and they relate to what I go through when it comes to extroverted people and their personalities. I have met people on YouTube that I chat with more than distant relatives! I think to myself sometimes, why on earth haven’t I come across people so cool in real life?

“I feel like it’s easier for me to make friends online than it is in real life cuz the Internet is predominantly introverted whereas people in real life are predominantly extroverted and I just don’t get along with people in real life at all cuz I’m so different from everybody else and I can’t relate to most people.”

-Mark Shelton (YouTube Buddy)


Now I have to make mention of this too, I know people lie online. People also lie in real life. However, if I’ve been chatting with a person for a long time and I never pick up any suspicious activity from them, then they are good with me. If I pick up that a person is strange and not to be trusted, I will immediately cut them off. Then again, I do that in real life as well. LOL. Overall, I must say it’s much easier to make companions online than in real life. People in real life can be nosy and full of drama. That’s why I keep a small circle around me. Most people are full of crap. Only a few really got your back. Hey, that rhymes! Ha! Β As I stated in my blog post earlier this year about social media, it definitely has its advantages. I mean just think, people are able to voice their opinions on what’s important to them and start petitions and boycotts online just to get a movement going. One of the coolest things is interacting with people who you have quite a bit in common with.


I just would like to say to all those who have supported me for months and/or years, thank you! I appreciate the kind comments and messages! I hope that I have been as supportive because I really try to be. I’m real, never fake. I like drama, but from a distance. LOL! I want you guys to stay tuned this week and for weeks to come because I’m going to touch on some fun topics. The TV season for this coming Fall is looking good! You know these days it’s always something popping off in the news or in the entertainment industry. Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “It’s Easier To Meet People Online Than In Real Life

  1. Love this perspective! Definitely made me think a lot. As a new blogger, I have noticed that some of the people you don’t know online can show a little more support than some of the people in your real life. Thanks!

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  2. Great post Unique I loved it and it’s true you do get along better with people online than in real life I’m so glad your a great friend of mine sis thanks for always being there for me many years since I’ve been on youtube.

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    1. Hey Dionne! Thanks for stopping by girl! You are so welcome, thank you as well for being supportive of me for years! I have never had any drama with you, unlike some weirdos I encountered on Twitter a few years back. LOL! Glad to have you as a companion as well!


  3. OMG!!! Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this blog for me and mentioning me in this blog! I feel special! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ This was a great blog btw. Y’all are WAY better than most people I come across in real life cuz I can relate to y’all so well. You’re right cuz there’s also gonna be people online that you’re not gonna really care for too much just like people in real life. I’ve also had my share of ups and downs of dealing with people on social media but for the most part, it has been an enjoyable experience for me.

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    1. Hey Mark you are so welcome! I felt since you gave me the idea about this topic that I should put you on display, LOL! I agree with everything you said, and by the way thank you for this topic cause I was going through a brief writer’s block! LOL


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