The Keshia Knight Pulliam And Ed Hartwell Drama-This Is Why You Should Never Settle With Anyone


Welcome back to another exclusive blog post from your girl, Unique! I hope you all have been staying cool this week because it’s been crazy hot! Dang! Well, it’s been so much going on lately in the news pertaining to the real world and the entertainment world, but what I wanted to touch on was this recent drama between Keshia Knight Pulliam and her soon to be ex-husband, Ed Hartwell. Chile, let me tell you I was so shocked that Ed had filed for divorce so soon! I had a feeling this marriage was not going to last because how they go together was super weird, but I didn’t think it would end that like that with so much embarrassment and publicity. The news broke on July 25, 2016 on a Monday and it went viral from there. If any of you have been following this drama, we learn that Ed Hartwell filed for divorce from Keshia without telling her and that he wants a paternity test on the baby Keshia is carrying. Lawd hammercy!!!

I don’t like to see people in pain and facing embarrassment, but I surely hope Keshia wasn’t down with being Ed’s side chick while he was engaged to another woman! Come on now! That’s just sad. Social media has been in a frenzy since the news broke and went viral. It got so bad to the point that many fans have been flooding Ed Hartwell’s Instagram page with nasty comments and so many women of color are on Keshia’s Instagram page praying for her. You also have fans of Lisa Wu and Big Tigger jumping on their Instagram pages saying stuff like, “I know you guys are laughing at Keshia right now!” It’s amazing how people are so quick to take sides without hearing BOTH sides of the story. LOL. I like drama too but I am definitely not going to jump on someone’s social media pages when I have no idea what was going on in the first place. That’s just retarded.

social media
Many black women online are coming to Keshia’s defense…
ed hartwell
It’s a different story for Ed Hartwell…although not everyone is on Keshia’s side, he is definitely getting dragged in the mud on social media for leaving “Rudy Huxtable,” who’s pregnant.

Well Keshia finally came out and did an interview on Entertainment Tonight to clear her name that aired in two parts. You can check it out for yourself and make your own judgement but she is basically saying that Ed didn’t want her to file for divorce and that she was done with him first when she figured he was cheating on her. She says she has no desire to take Ed back but she just wanted things to basically work out because she has a baby on the way. She is 100% sure that Ed is the father of her child. However, Ed finally was given a public platform today and is saying that Keshia is basically playing the victim and not being 100% honest. I knew sooner or later Ed was going to surface. No one is going to let you just throw them under the bus without retaliating, especially black celebrities. LOL. They are going to ALWAYS get the last word in.

People, this whole scandal is exactly why I say no one should settle with ANYBODY when it comes to marriage and relationships! When you rush into something and settle for the sake of pleasing weirdos around you, it does nothing for your life. I see this even in real life. I’ve seen cases where women or men have rushed into marriage because they see their friends doing it and this society puts pressure on single people to elope as soon as possible and for women to procreate. I think it’s stupid. Nothing wrong with wanting a family, but this day and age you have to choose your significant other wisely because not too many people are to be trusted. You can rush into a relationship and ruin your life. Children are a blessing, but I don’t consider being tied to a person you can’t stand for 18 years because you guys have a kid together a blessing! When I look at Ciara that’s exactly what I see. I love her and Russell Wilson together along with little Future, but she’s unfortunately tied to Future for the next 18 years because they have a child together.

This is another beautiful family but it’s a shame Future is the father of this beautiful child…

I really do feel for Keshia right now because I know this has been a very tough week for her and also, she’s pregnant. This is too much stress for a pregnant woman. It would be really interesting if Keshia was pregnant with another man’s baby though. LOL! You didn’t read that, did you? I wonder if she’ll get offered a show or join The Real Housewives of Atlanta one day since she definitely has a storyline. Time will tell.

You know, situations like this make me feel blessed that I live a low-key life. The main point I want to stress is never rush into anything and never settle. These same people out here asking you about your love life and hoping you have a kid will NOT be there to pick up the pieces for you if the mess falls apart, believe that! They are just going to talk about you like everyone else because that’s what people do best. Maybe Keshia will end up like Ciara and marry a prince charming type of guy with a real career and one who will treat her daughter like it’s his kid. I guess only time will tell, but I still have a feeling that this story will continue to get even uglier as time goes on. It’s just a mess, but I’m sure Keshia has learned her lesson. She’ll probably tread much slower next time when looking for a mate. I wish her well.

What are your thoughts on this drama? What do you think about people who rush into situations because they may be desperate? What are your thoughts on society putting pressure on single people to elope and procreate? Weigh in below in the comments and thank you guys so much for supporting my blog!


4 thoughts on “The Keshia Knight Pulliam And Ed Hartwell Drama-This Is Why You Should Never Settle With Anyone

  1. It’s a shame! I’m not surprised about Keisha Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell getting divorced. What’s crazy is that they were married on New Years Eve LOL! I feel kinda sorry for Keisha aka Rudy! From what I’ve read, Keisha was best friends with Ed’s Ex-Wife Lisa Wu & that Ed had an affair with Keisha during his marriage with Lisa! Pure adultery at its finest πŸ˜’! If that’s true then the marriage between Keisha & Ed was ruined from the start! Now Ed is saying that Keisha got pregnant behind his back smh. Ed’s a poor excuse for a man! He’s an Adulturer & a Deadbeat Dad! I can’t take some of these Hollyweird Marriages seriously! There’s a few couples that’s keeping their marriage alive like Samuel L. Jackson & Latanya Richardson, Denzel & Pauletta, Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance, Brad & Angelina, etc. Most of these people in Hollywood & in society take Marriage and Relationships as a joke but it’s not! These things are created by God but unfortunately people don’t care or cherish these things anymore! What’s worse is that people rush themselves into relationships & marriages. As for myself It’ll take some time for me to know that lady before we start a relationship! That lady & I will have to be on the same page mentally & love God! Once again Great Post!

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    1. Another awesome comment! Marriage in general in TODAY’S world is a joke! I think I’m just going to wait til the new world when god cleanses the earth of wickedness and then mankind will grow back to perfection! I mean it’s like you never hear about any good marriages…let alone any with some silly celebrity and these celebrities LOVE attention, trust me they do! It validates their egos…thanks for your support Soul!


  2. Excellent blog as always Unique! It really was shocking to me that Ed and Keisha are getting a divorce cuz I thought that everything was all good, especially since they have a baby on the way. I feel bad for Keisha. I agree with you when you said that the same people who pressure you into being in relationships and procreating are the same people that will turn their backs on you by talking about you like a dog once everything falls apart. It takes a special person to even be friends with me, let alone be in a relationship with me cuz I’m VERY picky on who I want to be a part of my life.

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    1. Hey Mark! LOL you always make me laugh with the comments about not being close to folks because you are so right, folks is crazy! Who can you trust??? LOL. It’s amazing how I have more in common with you guys on YouTube/Google than I do with folks I come across in real life! I remember when Keshia first married Ed everyone thought he was such an upgrade from Tigger but now everyone thinks he’s the scum of the earth…but from reading some of the comments on Instagram in the last week or two I see people are getting tired of Keshia too, the comments aren’t so nice anymore!


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