When You Know You Are The Bomb!

This is how I’m feeling right now!

What’s going on peeps? I know the world is simply out of control right now and there’s so much tragedy and crisis going on but you know what? I want to take the time to make this post fun, funny, and shady all at the same time! Sometimes in life we as people don’t give ourselves props as much as we should! This post today is going to be like a “feel good,” give yourself a pat on the back type of post. Are you ready?

So I want you to sit back and think about yourselves and your lives. Look in the mirror. Study your beauty. Think about the blessings in your lives instead of the negatives. Guess what? You are the BOMB! Honey it’s time to brag today!

20160417_112552 (2).jpg
When you look in the mirror what do you see?

You know, in the past I have sometimes looked at what others had financially and wished I had the same thing. I used to wish I could have a job where I could travel internationally. I used to wish my hair texture was a little bit more straighter (looser curl) so that it would look like models I saw in the media. I used to hate wearing glasses because I thought it made me look “smart” growing up. LOL. I used to think my forehead was too big but then I realized my mom has a forehead just like mine. LOL. This morning I thought to myself, sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are when we see others who don’t even have what we have in life.

At twenty-eight years old, I consider myself ahead of my time in a lot of ways. I’m a rare gem. I’m classy, intelligent, wise, attractive, funny, creative, and other things. I’m sure those of you reading this post will point out all the ways that you rock as well and I want you to do that in the comments section! Right now, let me tell you guys the reasons why I feel that I am the bomb. Some of you may be able to relate to the following. I feel I’m the bomb because:

I managed to make it through public school without getting suspended or flunking any grades.
I know people right now that unfortunately flunked grades and I felt bad for them and I used to see a lot of drama chicks and dudes get suspended from school all the time usually from fights.

I went to college and got two Associates degrees in Business, despite not being too enthusiastic about continuing school after high school graduation.
I was SICK of school after graduating from high school LOL!

I didn’t have a bunch of kids by random men by the time I was 18.
I’m not knocking single mothers but why does it seem like the black community is full of baby mammas and baby daddies these days? Having a baby is like an accessory in our community and it looks crazy.

Let me go ahead and dust my shoulders off to that one! LOL

I’m smart with my money.
I don’t blow through my money trying to rock the latest to look good for friends and strangers when I know I can’t afford something…instead I save my money for a rainy day and get what I really want and need.

I’m comfortable in my own skin and don’t feel the need to change or conform to the stupidity I see around me from my peers.

I’m a natural woman woman baby!

Let’s be real here, my generation is completed screwed…they have no morals or conscience about anything.

I’m proud to say that I’m a fan of different eras of music.
I have knowledge of old school music from the 50s-60s and all the way down to the 21st century…I’m an old soul and proud of it. You have a lot of people out here under 30 who are into corny trap “music” of today and I pity them. They follow trends while I lead.

I never had a desire to settle with a bum or any man just to say, “Izzzeee married now!”
Now I could go on and on about this one here, but yes I pride myself on not settling like so many women do of this generation. People asks me all the time am I married with kids and I proudly tell them NO and then they are shocked! “How could someone as pretty as you be single???” This is what they say to me. LOL. I laugh and think to myself, well look what you have! That’s why I’m single! I’m not knocking marriage and family life at all. If it’s for you, do what’s for you but it’s NOT for me. I find that too many things can go wrong QUICKLY. I look at some of these famous people and I wonder why SOME of the rich women and men marry and procreate with people who have NOTHING going for themselves. I personally think they do it for attention and social media buzz. You can say the same thing about people on Facebook that you know in real life. Everyone wants attention so badly these days and they need validation from others.

You may be saying “Unique, was that shade?” Yes it was! LOL

I have a good relationship with my parents and grandparents.
A lot of my peers don’t have good relationship with their parents and don’t even visit their grandparents. It’s a popular belief that a lot of young people think once their grandparents get old they’re no longer fun. Well, this isn’t the case with my grandparents. I enjoy visiting and talking with them. I’m blessed to have grandparents who are still living as well because a lot of people have lost their grandparents to sickness and old age. I feel you should enjoy these people while they’re still here because you never know what the future holds. I’m also blessed to have a good relationship with my parents. My parents have tried their best to raise me right and always make sure I had what I needed. They gave me emotional support and financial support all throughout my life, even into adulthood. That’s a blessing! Cherish your parents and grandparents folks! No one is ever “too old” to receive love and appreciation.

Today, we’re all feeling ourselves aren’t we? LOL

Well I hope I didn’t brag too much! LOL! Again, the following points were about ME bragging about myself but now it’s you guys’ turn! The floor is open to you now. I want you guys to discuss some things about yourselves that you are proud of and why you feel you are the bomb because of it. I can’t wait to read your responses! LOL. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great rest of the week! I’ll be back soon!


4 thoughts on “When You Know You Are The Bomb!

  1. This a cool post right here! There’s nothing wrong with commending yourself. We have some things in common which is cool. Both come from humble beginnings! Two old souls, rare gems that’s wise beyond our years! As for myself, I haven’t been in and out of jail or prison & I don’t have any children. Unfortunately there’s lots of people in their 20s having babies at an early age & dealing with baby mama, baby daddy drama smh! I’ve finished high school, I have two parents & grandparents that’s wise & intelligent. They taught me a lot about life, humbleness, hardwork, dedication, being myself, etc. My parents & grandparents is always there for me whether it’s good or bad. Your parents & grandparents sounds like mines! I’m an old soul & proud of it! I love the 90s, some stuff from the 2000s but I’ve always loved Old School movies, music & shows from the 1960s to 1980s. I love some fashion from the 70s & 80s too! I’m not into drugs, alcohol or clubs. I like to save my money up & not spend it on stuff I don’t need. In person, I look like I look a lot younger than in my late 20s. Some 20 year olds out here are looking like they’re 50 πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚. As for relationships & marriage, understood! I like your picture too, it’s very beautiful including your smile 😊! Great post btw.

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  2. Excellent blog Unique! You and me are a lot alike! We’re both rare gems and we’re one of a kind. I don’t usually like to brag but since this is a blog where you can brag this one time, lemme enjoy it while I can lol! I’m the bomb cuz I’m so wise beyond my years, I’m an old soul and I have the ability to see things that most people don’t see. Your parents did a wonderful job raising you cuz you have a good head on your shoulders and you are truly a class act. Keep up the good work πŸ‘

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    1. Hey Mark thanks so much hun! I’m glad you enjoyed! So we are alike huh? Welcome brotha! LOL! I appreciate your compliment, I think my parents did right decent too. Even my stepsister is sane. I can definitely tell that you are a wise young person and that’s something that you don’t see a lot of this day and age so you definitely can brag about that one! LOL…more good ones to come and thanks again!


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