When Is It Time To Unfollow People On Social Media And In Real Life?


Every few months I do what’s called a “social media cleanup” where I will unfollow people who I never interact with and who never interact with me. This may also include people who I may used to interact with but no longer do. You see the beautiful thing about social media is that you can meet people from all over the world who share your interests and I have met some really cool people over the years on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially YouTube. Sometimes as you continue to chat with people, you realize that you may not have as much in common with that person as you thought you did. You guys may have just liked the same program or style of music, but outside of that you really have nothing in common with that person.

I often wondered over the years why people follow and befriend folks that they don’t interact with or eventually stop conversing with? To me it’s pretty pointless. I’m thinking to myself, why on earth should I continue to befriend/follow you when you never comment on my blog or social media posts. Why? This can also apply to real life as well. You ever meet someone who seems nice and they tell you, “we need to get together! Let’s hang out some!” Yet, when you try to contact these people on their cell phone or through email you don’t hear back from them. See a lot of times people just talk but they never really follow up on what they say. This is a good reason why I’m a more introverted person. I just think a lot of people are full of it and phoney.


I personally feel it’s time to unfollow people on social media and in the real world when you notice the following:

  • These people NEVER like or comment on any of your posts but you see they are always online.
  • These people used to converse with you but then you notice they have stopped and they rarely support any of your posts online or in real life…sometimes “friends” grow apart.
  • I would personally unfollow any family member that knows me in real life and never keeps up with me but then they want to befriend me on social media…get out of here! LOL
  • Unfollow and unfriend people when you feel like you have nothing in common with them.
  • Keep your eyes on people who always chat with folks you are not cool with because they may be talking about you and this applies to real life and social media life!b7e4b21318f92f4e96c96ec5926adf56.jpg

There are more reasons to unfollow people but these are the main ones that I use when doing my unfollowing spree and also disassociating with folks I know in real life as well. Life is short and we don’t have time to keep people around that don’t want to really be around. Remove the folks who are taking up space to make room for a person who you may really mesh with. Have a great rest of the week peeps!


4 thoughts on “When Is It Time To Unfollow People On Social Media And In Real Life?

  1. I love this SO OOOO much.. I personally have been dealing with this the last couple of months! Do you have any advice or any post memes that I could ‘borrow’ lol … to kind of send a message in a polite way?? It so gets under my skin! Biggest social media pet peeve. Ugh!
    Thank you for putting my exact feelings into words! 🙂

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    1. Hello Giselle! Thank you for stopping by first of all! I get all of my photos using Google LOL…sometimes I do create my own memes. ☺ There are also meme apps that you can download and “politely” say what you need to say…LOL…Thanks for reading and feel free to come again!


  2. I dig this post! There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing people whether it’s in real life or on the internet! As for real life, I don’t follow anybody (I only follow God) but online I’ve unfollowed & blocked people because whenever I showed my support, they didn’t support me back! There’s some nice people online but It’s like some of these people on these social media sites have an huge ego, whether or not they have a huge following! As for real life, I usually cut some people off (Family & Friends) if they’re not keeping in touch w/ me like they used to! Even people that I use to keep in touch with online i’ve cut off because of that! Some people get bigheaded & start acting like they don’t know you anymore 😒. I understand people have their own lives & all but some people are full of Crap with egos & excuses! I can’t stand people like that! Great post Unique 👏👏👍👍

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    1. Hey Soul! Thanks for your comment I completely agree! Social media has created arrogant losers who feel they are more important than the next person because of fake followers! Most of these folks don’t even follow for the right reasons, but only to keep things going! Followers can be just as messy sometimes. Just ask the two youtubers lady nyca and carmen caboom and they’ll tell you. Love your comment!


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