This Guy Overseas Tells The Truth About Rappers And Their Hypocrisy With The Black Lives Matter Movement

Left to right: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile…both of these men were brutally murdered by the cops last week and the videos of their deaths went viral.

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I know it’s been a really rough last few days with the current state of affairs going on right now and honestly, after the unfortunate deaths of Sterling and Castile, I did not know what to say. I really felt for their families because I couldn’t imagine losing a parent and let alone one in a viral video. I must say that I really admire the strength ofΒ Quinyetta McMillon (Alton Sterling’s son’s mother) and Diamond Reynolds (Philando Castile’s fiance)! Those are some very strong women and they are to be commended for that. They have to stay strong for their children though.

Well I started browsing the internet earlier and came across a very interesting video on Bossip. The video was recorded by a Black British guy by the name of “Shortz1” on Facebook. It has already received thousands and thousands of hits. In the video, the guy basically calls out rappers who talk about killing folks on the street and sleeping with someone’s wife but then they proudly proclaim, “Black lives matter!” When I first saw this video, I immediately wanted to give this man a standing ovation. I love getting perspectives from people overseas on American issues. A lot of times I agree with them more than people right here in America.

Rap music has been going downhill since 2004-2005. I’ve heard a few rap songs here and there that I’ve liked but it’s mostly the beats that I fall in love with. Real rap disappeared in my opinion after the downfall of Murder Inc Records. Don’t get me wrong, I have listened to rappers who rap about killing other brothers and sleeping with random women. Even some of my favorite rappers of all time have rapped about this stuff! I don’t always necessarily agree with what they’re saying, I just like the flow from the rapper. Does that make sense? LOL. Even some of these same rappers who have rapped about thug life are completely different when being interviewed. Some have even made life changes and don’t even rap about the same stuff. An example of this would be David Banner.


Both Tupac and David Banner fall into the category of rappers who always spoke on behalf of people of color and their communities. It wasn’t just about money and stunting to them. Most rappers today say one thing and do something entirely different.Β 

I would take someone like David Banner seriously if he were to talk about black lives because of the fact that he has changed his entire image and his raps are different from when he first started. David has become very educated, unlike most of these rappers, athletes, and actors out now. Tupac is another good example. He rapped about thug life but Tupac was very knowledgable when it came to black history and the poverty of black communities. You can look up any Tupac interview and see this for yourself. There’s not too many rappers out now in the same league as men like Tupac and even someone like David Banner.

What’s sad is that just like Jesse Williams‘ speech people will find fault with what this guy overseas is saying as well. Anytime you speak the truth from a different perspective you are dragged on social media. LOL. It’s like having loyalty to certain gangs. If you don’t say what they want to hear, you are called a “sellout”or “uncle Tom.” The funny thing about this entire Black Lives Matter discussion is that I was just saying last week that I question the motives of a lot of these celebrities who are doing these videos, quotes, and songs because of the murders of Castile and Sterling. Are they doing this from the heart because they really care or are they just trying to be seen and keep their “hood” fans? Also, why do a lot of people on social media just eat up everything these famous people say? You really believe most people with millions of dollars can relate to you and your community? Wow. LOL.


I just wanted to say that I appreciate those of you out there who support me on social media and interact with my pages. Thank you! I will continue to support you all as well. I use this blog to spread knowledge and also give a different perspective on the things going on around me. You can’t really speak YOUR truth on popular blogs because of the many trolls and uneducated people who fail to use common sense. It’s great to know that those of you who interact with me are educated and have brains! LOL. So what are your thoughts on this guy’s video and this movement?


2 thoughts on “This Guy Overseas Tells The Truth About Rappers And Their Hypocrisy With The Black Lives Matter Movement

  1. I agree with that British dude, most of these rappers that’s saying “Black Lives Matter” are the same ones that’s promoting negativity: Violence, Drugs, Gangs, degrading black women, lust, etc. It’s like when you tell the truth about today’s society you get bashed for it smh. Although I still listen to Hip Hop today, I use to listen to a lot of Gangster/Mafioso Rap back then! I’ve got tired of that! Of course Tupac & David Banner always spoke on behalf of the black community but there’s some other rappers that spoke up for black communities too like Chuck D (Public Enemy), Killer Mike (Outkast/Dungeon Family), Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Common, etc. I agree, Real Hip Hop music went down the drain in 2005 which was the beginning of a lot of wack rappers careers, rappers making up stupid dances, the rise of Pop/Club/Trap Rap & the downfall of both Murder Inc (Thanks to 50 Cent SMH) & Roc-A-Fella Records (Thanks to that sellout Jay-Z). A lot of these Artists (who are industry puppets) are just yelling out Black Lives Matter so they can promote their garbage music! Some of these Black Actors & Artists don’t even care or give back to the black communities, a bunch of sellouts! They need to sit down somewhere! Excellent post πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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    1. Awesome comment Soul! Everything you said was spot on and yes Public Enemy always spoke the truth! We are in the era of the sell out! I was just telling my dad this last night about how the West Coast and the East Coast did rap the best! When the South took over it slowly died!


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