Dear Hollywood, Enough With The Slavery Obsession!


Hello everyone! Can you guys believe we’re already halfway through this year? Time is moving! Well, I’ve got to discuss Hollywood and their obsession with civil rights and slavery pertaining to black people. Guys, I am so SICK and tired of Hollywood constantly trying to make movies, shows, and documentaries about slavery, racism, and civil rights! I understand that SOME in this generation are not that educated in history, but at the same time, we are living in the digital information age! There’s PLENTY of information out there online already and plenty of documentaries and movies from the past that this current generation can research for themselves.

For instance, why did Roots need to be remade? The 1970s version was a masterpiece! The acting was outstanding and you felt like you were going through the horrible pain that people of that time faced. Guess what, Roots was exposed as being a fake story years ago! Supposedly Alex Haley plagiarized the entire story from a white author. SMH. Why would Hollywood waste all their money and time on a story that has been proven to be false??? Why is Hollywood so obsessed with the pain that black people have had to endure for centuries in this country? Should these movies, documentaries, and shows even be entertainment in the first place? I would think not!

https _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_101283_roots.jpg
The 1977 series of Roots was a masterpiece! There was no need for a remake!

Even Rapper/Actor Snoop Dogg is disgusted with Hollywood’s obsession with these slavery movies. This is what a very recent article on Yahoo said about Snoop Dogg and his feelings on the remake of Roots:

On Memorial Day, A&E premiered the scripted miniseries, and Snoop Dogg posted an expletive-filled rant to his social media accounts about not only Roots but also other slavery-themed entertainment including 12 Years a Slave and Underground. He went so far as to urge his fans to boycott Roots and expressed his desire to see more inspiring programming about the achievements of African Americans.

OK, in all honesty, Snoop Dogg is right! I feel that Hollywood is using these slavery themes for entertainment purposes and for money. If this country is not going to give black folks their so called “40 acres and a mule” then the powers that be should stop talking about the history of this country. Since black people are told by other black people that we are “kings and queens” and we did all these great things throughout history, why are those stories not making it to the big screen? Why can’t there be shows, documentaries, and movies about blacks being in the Americas before Columbus? How come there are no documentaries about blacks in ancient times before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade???

snoop dogg.PNG
Snoop Dogg has made a lot of sense when it comes to these slave movies and documentaries! Why aren’t success stories ever told on black history in general, even going back to ancient times?!

I was just telling my parents the other day that I don’t want to believe that all black people ever did was serve some other group of people throughout history. That’s pathetic! It also creates the illusion that ALL black people are victims. No, I am nobody’s victim. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me because of something my ancestors may have endured in the past. It creates white guilt as well because then you have white people who feel bad and get angry when these slavery and civil rights movies and shows keep premiering. So in my opinion, all it does it keep controversy going.

I wish black directors would get together and create films, documentaries, and shows about the good things black people did. I’m 100% supportive of a Nat Turner movie, because that’s dealing with a rebellion. Although I don’t agree with everything Henry Louis Gates says, I applaud him for doing documentaries on black history here in the States and also in the Caribbean and South America. A lot of black people are misinformed about their own history. I was one of them because for a long time I thought the majority of the slaves were sent to the States but apparently the States received the smallest percentage of slaves. Most are said to have went to Brazil in South America. I would just like to see a different perspective on black history, even going back to ancient times.

I’m always told that there is so much untold history pertaining to black people. I would like to see these “kings and queens” stories on the big screen and on TV for a change!

I know I’m not alone in how I feel! I’m also tired of these documentaries about colorism and self-hate. It’s just always so much negativity and never anything up-building and encouraging when it comes to the black race and the media these days. Dear Hollywood, enough is enough! Let’s see some movies, shows, and documentaries about the origin of R&B music, the creation of different dance moves, and perhaps a movie about the Harlem Renaissance! How about we see a film about the origin of different hair braiding styles pertaining to black hair? Anything but another slave and civil rights movie, anything! I don’t know why the media is acting like Snoop Dogg said something wrong. He only said what a lot of us intelligent people are thinking! What do you guys think about Hollywood’s obsession with slavery entertainment? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, Enough With The Slavery Obsession!

  1. Slavery movies are old & boring. It’s getting repetitive! Hollywood should make more positive films for Black people, they’re stuck on slavery too much. They try to make it seem like Slavery & the Civil Rights Movement is the only historical thing we have as black people, which is a lie. Our people were here in North America before Slavery. Our ancestors were Kings, Queens, Warriors, Chiefs, etc. Hollywood should’ve left Roots alone, the original version from 1977 is a classic! Although Alex Haley plagiarized the story from not only a Caucasian (white) author name Harold Courlander but Alex also stole a story from an African American Author/Scholar name Margaret Walker too! They’ve both sued Alex for plagiarism. I think that every Black Filmmaker, Writer & Actor should join together & fund their own Film Distribution Company like Warner Brothers, Paramount and Fox. Being black owned! Knowing Hollywood they’ll probably try to shut it down like they did to some of those Black Owned Record Labels in the 70 – 80s and Black Wall Street in 1921. I’ll love to see a movie about The Supremes, Motown, Yasuke The 1st Black Samurai, First Black female basketball team in 1910-1914 called The New York Girls, Bessie Coleman, Marcus Garvey & Mansa Musa. Unfortunately Hollywood will not support these type of movies! They’ll continue to make movies about Slavery & the Civil Rights Movement smh. Some changes need to be made in Hollywood. Great Post, I’ve really enjoyed it πŸ‘Œ

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    1. Thank you so much for your post! I wish it was a way that the big wheels in Hollywood could read your post and my blog about this very subject and actually take action! Enough already of the stupidity and it would be nice if urban blogs would post something about this! Thanks for reading!


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