Why Do People Always Compare Aaliyah And Beyonce So Viciously?



Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog post edition of From A Unique Perspective and today I’m going to discuss a topic that has been floating around on the internet for YEARS and that’s the Aaliyah and Beyonce comparisons. Aaliyah has been on my mind quite often over the last couple months because I realize that she’s been gone for a long time now. I can’t believe this year will make fifteen years since she passed! I remember when my parents told me and my step sister the next morning after she passed and we were in disbelief. We both wanted it to be a horrible rumor, until we turned to MTV and saw it flash across the screen. We were shocked and speechless. I believe I was still in denial. For one thing, I had just saw her on 106 & Park just three days before!

Well, Aaliyah’s legacy is still going strong years later and I feel that outside of Tupac and Michael Jackson, Aaliyah is the most talked about deceased Black star. It’s like she blew up to superstardom when she passed, like most stars do. Aaliyah has been compared to a lot of young, stars of color like Brandy, Ashanti, Monica, Mya, Ciara, and more. However, ANYTIME I go on a blog or a youtube video relating toΒ Aaliyah, it’s amazing how Beyonce’s name ALWAYS comes up. I always see comments like “if Aaliyah was still alive today, Beyonce would be a nobody. She’d be bigger than Beyonce!” OK. LOL. Guys, these kind of comments get on my NERVES! I mean I see them all over social media. Even popular entertainment websites have discussed this topic and the comment section always gets crazy because the Beyonce stans and the Aaliyah stans go so hard.

My question is, why? Why does the public always put Aaliyah and Beyonce against each other? Aaliyah has been gone for almost fifteen years and Beyonce is like one of the biggest stars around now. Then you have these weirdos talking about this Illuminati mess and they never have any real proof when they make these kinds of comments such as “Aaliyah was a blood sacrifice for Beyonce and Jay Z.” What the fleak??? LOL. I’ve seen and heard it all guys. Now people have every right to believe what they want to believe. It’s just amazing to me how worshipped Beyonce is in the industry and in the world because at one time back in the day so many people hated Beyonce. They always blamed her for the group changes in Destiny’s Child. Now she’s worshipped like Jesus Christ.

Aaliyah was pretty popular throughout her career, but as soon as she passed she became a perfect angel that was so untouched in everyone’s eyes. Everyone in music wanted to talk about how she influenced their careers. Everyone wanted to listen to her third album, Aaliyah. Aaliyah passed and shot to J.Lo and Janet Jackson stardom. Thinking back, although people loved Aaliyah, I don’t remember her being so glorified when she was living. She was definitely on her way to superstardom, no doubt about that.

When people compare Aaliyah and Beyonce all the time they forget that both women were good friends. I have theΒ  Aaliyah book by Christopher John Farley that came out in 2001. I remember reading that book and I remember all the kind things Beyonce said about Aaliyah. She spoke about Aaliyah as if Aaliyah was a really good friend of hers. I did some research online and looked up old comments from stars who spoke about how Aaliyah influenced their lives. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle had SO MUCH to say about Aaliyah. Michelle didn’t get the opportunity to meet her, but Beyonce and Kelly had very fond memories of Aaliyah.

Over on this old Angelfire website, you can find lots of comments from artists in the industry who were very devastated after Aaliyah passed and reading Beyonce’s long comment you can tell she was. When I did my research, it was said that Beyonce was crying all night when she found out Aaliyah had passed, as well as Kelly and Michelle. Don’t forget the very endearing tribute that Destiny’s Child did to Aaliyah at the 2001 Lady of Soul Awards. I missed that awards show I believe, but I remember hearing that the entire awards show was dedicated to Aaliyah. What I’m trying to say guys is that I do believe that Aaliyah and Beyonce would have been very good friends, at least for awhile! I know not everyone likes Beyonce. I understand. Shoot, she gets on my nerves. LOL. I’m not even as much of a fan as I used to be. She’s talented but she is overrated because of social media and blogs. However, I really do think she loved and cared deeply for Aaliyah. Beyonce has shown the same love for Aaliyah as Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, DMX, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and many others have.

To me personally, it’s pretty pointless for die hard fans of both these ladies to sit online and argue all day about these two and their careers. The sad thing is we’ll never know what Aaliyah’s career would have done because she’s no longer here. Beyonce is and we have watched her evolve and continue to get more and more famous but why can’t these two women just be great anyway? Why the comparisons? I think they had totally different styles and looks. Aaliyah was also good friends with Jay Z, who we know is married to Beyonce now. Aaliyah was going with Damon Dash and he was a good friend of Jay Z’s. You guys really don’t believe Aaliyah and Beyonce would have been really close? LOL. I do.


It’s just sad that people always compare two great artists but then again as I said earlier, a lot of people are tired of Beyonce because she is constantly talked about in the media. We never had the chance to see Aaliyah get overrated and Aaliyah represents a time in entertainment where you had to have real talent to be famous and I think that’s a time MANY of us really do miss. So I understand the frustration but I don’t understand the constant need to tear one woman down by uplifting the next woman. That’s pretty crazy to me. LOL. What do you guys think?



6 thoughts on “Why Do People Always Compare Aaliyah And Beyonce So Viciously?

  1. As a fan of Aaliyah I agree that the comparisons between the two has to stop because that’s not what Aaliyah was about. She was a humble and kind person. She mentioned in an interview that the only person she’s competing with is herself to be the best. Therefore, she wouldn’t be worried about what Beyonce is doing instead she would be supporting her. I don’t think that they were really good friends though but just people in the industry who may have hung around each other, cross paths every once in awhile and respected what each person did. Like what I mentioned previously I don’t like the comparisons saying that Beyonce wouldn’t be hot because we don’t know what would’ve happened had Aaliyah lived. But I can only assume that Aaliyah would’ve been successful in movies and music and her fans would’ve supported her no matter what she did. I hate to say it too but I think Beyonce is not a good actress and she is overrated lol. However it is not right for me to disrespect her just to uplift Aaliyah and vice versa.

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  2. Very interesting post! In 2001, I was shocked to hear Aaliyah’s passing, I remember when I first heard it on CBS, 106 and Park & MTV. I’ve never understood the whole Aaliyah & Beyonce comparison! They’re both beautiful ladies that were friends but they have two different backgrounds, personalities & styles! But, they’re both talented & icons in their own way! For example, Aaliyah’s Uncle Barry Hankerson was working in the music industry & was formerly married to singer/Motown legend Gladys Knight, Beyonce’s parents wasn’t in the industry at the time but they was building their business from the ground up! Aaliyah never started out in a group but Beyonce did. Aaliyah could Sing, Dance, Act & Model, Beyonce’s not an good Actor πŸ˜‚! Aaliyah was featured on lots of Soundtracks, Collabs & Cameos on Music Videos too! I’ve noticed that you’ve mentioned Aaliyah’s future roles in The Matrix: Reloaded (I was really looking forward to that), Honey (that would’ve been great), Remake to 1976 movie Sparkle & the possible sequel to Romeo Must Die! Lots of people have conspiracies on what happened in that plane accident but only God knows what happened that day! Aaliyah was a beautiful woman 😊. What’s interesting is that Aaliyah & Sade Adu have same birthday (Jan. 16) two smooth beautiful sistas. This was an excellent post!

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    1. Hey Daramiel thanks for your post! Great points! I see you did your research too because you are correct, Beyonce is NOT a great actress! LOL! My cousin used to say that all the time. She didn’t really care for Beyonce at all but she did like Aaliyah. Yes Aaliyah’s passing was hard…but then I think about so many legends who have passed after her! It’s a long list! I just hate that she passed so soon but from what I’ve researched she and her crew were warned repeatedly that the plane was overloaded before take off so I have no idea what so ever why they still jumped on! Crazy, just a mess, but I am glad that we have sites like youtube where we can look back on all the great things that these legends/icons/celebs did and we have the memories! I never understood the Beyonce and Aaliyah comparisons either! But one thing I can say is that I don’t think Aaliyah would sell out music and movie wise. I don’t think she would have done ratchet reality TV shows and Satanic music. She said in a 2001 interview that she always wanted to stay true to herself and her style. Beyonce should take notes! LOL, thanks for your comments and again, great videos on youtube!


  3. I don’t like how they’re constantly compared. They had 2 different styles and are unique in their own right. While I prefer Aaliyah, I still don’t see the need to compare them or pit them against each other. Like you said, they were friends and Beyonce seemed genuinely saddened by Aaliyah’s passing. Also, it’s hard to speculate how Aaliyah’s career would’ve expanded…but I do believe she would’ve been extremely successful in film and music even more! And the Beyonce worship is very disturbing! I’ve heard about Aaliyah being sacrificed, mainly because of something her uncle said, but I don’t think it was related to Beyonce, although some people think otherwise. This was a really great post!

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    1. Hey Erica thanks for your comment and I agree! Sorry you had difficulty commenting earlier, not sure what that was about LOL, but yes, I do believe Aaliyah would have been really successful in film! I just recently found out she was set to play in Honey as well, and I loved that movie when I was a teenager! Don’t get me wrong, Jessica Alba did a great job, but I would have loved for Aaliyah to have been in it! My only thing is, I wonder would they still have used Mehki Phifer as her boyfriend? LOL. Man, I think she would have nailed Honey! She would have been amazing in the Matrix and Sparkle as well. Although her acting was awesome in Queen of the Damned, I think maybe that wasn’t the best role for her. Sometimes when you play roles like that you get typecasted. You know? But I was so looking forward to seeing her in the Matrix, Sparkle and Honey. What’s interesting is that fans have put together make believe movies on YouTube LOL! Shame on her uncle if he had anything to do with her passing! Some man he is! Glad you enjoyed my post, thanks! More great ones to come!


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