There’s Nothing Wrong With Being An Introvert


Hello everyone! I know it’s been a long time but I’m back with some new topics that I want to get off my chest and the one that I’m going to discuss today is about people who are introverts. It seems most of the world today is full of extroverted people but introverts do exist! There are quite a bit of advantages to being an introvert and it has always worked for me and I will tell you why. Are you ready?

I’ve been a major introvert since I’ve been in middle school, so that’s like the last 16 years orΒ so. It has definitely worked for me during my middle and high school years. I stayed out of a lot of drama and trouble. I always found that the kids who always had a lot of mouth stayed in trouble ALL the time. The kids at my school would always ask me why I didn’t talk. The answer was simple. The reason I don’t talk is because I don’t like you! LOL.

This meme pretty much explains how I feel anytime I’m around large crowds of people that I’m not close to. LOL

Most people in our society always need to be around a lot of people and be seen. A lot of people talk so much that you can hardly get a word in when conversing with them. That’s super annoying to me, especially when I’m working on a project or something. Then some people love to talk to you so they can gossip about you when they get around their other friends. Some people are just curious and nosy and do not have your best interest at heart.

A lot of people my age enjoy using drugs, sleeping around, going to crowded parties and clubs, and just acting a fool. I feel that there’s nothing wrong with having fun but that’s not what I enjoy doing. I can order me a pizza, turn on Netflix, and chill on a Friday night! That’s what us introverts enjoy doing. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having association when I do whether that is in person or online. I have chatted with some of the coolest people ever in real life and in cyberspace. However, I have never been a person who needed to be around people 24/7. I love my alone time!

This is my reaction when people are surprised that I’m not all out in the streets every weekend. LOL

Being an introvert is interesting too because you are looked upon as a mystery to really talkative people. They don’t know how to take you. They don’t know what to say to you. They can’t figure you out and this is what I love. I don’t want you trying to figure me out. LOL. It’s nothing that they can really use against you because you don’t say much. Being an introvert keeps you protected from a lot of negativity around you.

I feel we need a day just to celebrate introverted people. LOL. A lot of introverted people hang and chat with others who are introverted. We may be in the minority but we do exist and we do have personalities. We just observe more when in crowds. You know what they say. Always watch the quiet ones because you just never know! LOL! Hope you guys have a great week ahead and stay tuned to some more great topics!


2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Wrong With Being An Introvert

  1. Your story’s very similar to mine! I’ve always been an Introvert & Quiet growing up. As a young man, I’m still like this today! Personally, I don’t associate myself with all kinds of people whether it’s in person or online! I don’t go clubbing, sleep around with multiple women, party & use drugs either. People around my age (20s) always ask me why I don’t go to Clubs, Smoke Weed, Pop Pills or Sipping Lean (syrup)? I tell them that it’s stupid, a waste of time & not cool to me! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy going to the Movies, Visiting my family, Bowling, Museums & stuff. But I usually keep to myself like Working, Chilling at home listening to music, Cook, Draw, Watch Movies, etc. People like to judge & call us names like “Outcasts”, “Introverts”, “Home Bodys”, “Black Sheeps”, etc! WHO CARES, I could care less about somebody judging me! I can’t stand people that like to judge you but don’t even know you SMH. Some people are just ignorant & a pain you know πŸ˜‚. We should have an Introvert Day celebrating people like us! You’ve inspired me to make a video on YouTube about this! I’ve enjoyed reading this post πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘. Great Job & Great Post! Have a great week BTW!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment YoungOldSoul! It is good to know that there are other young adults out there like myself that have very simliar interests in life and personalities! That’s right, don’t change, stay the way you are! Those people acting a fool out here in these streets are not happy, so don’t believe the hype. They are lost! Lots of times you see these same people later in life and they look WAY older than you! LOL. It’s because they live a fast life. Just look at some of those celebrities and how they have aged. Some have aged horribly while others still look youthful! Thanks for your comment and have a great week!

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