First Bill Cosby…Now Afrika Bambaataa

Another respected black icon is exposed and this is my reaction! What else don’t we know about these folks in the public eye???

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well as always. Well, another “icon” has recently been exposed for sexually abusing teenage boys back in 80s. Although I’m not a big fan of the 21st century, one of the things I LOVE about it is that frauds are getting exposed left and right! These celebrities and public figures that the world admired and worshiped are falling from their “powerful thrones” and being exposed for the people that they truly are behind all the fame and money.

Now you may be saying, Unique, why would you just jump to conclusions and say that without proof? Here is my answer: when MANY victims come out and say the same thing about a person, it can’t all be false. It just can’t! When these victims come forward about these public figures, I always pay attention to their demeanor and their personal details of their interaction with that celebrity. If a person is trembling, very uneasy, and doing a lot of crying, I don’t think that’s fake. I really don’t.


Well, some of you may not be aware of this, but another celebrity is now being exposed for being a pedophile. It just won’t stop, will it? Goodness gracious, help us all! Just recently, a former member of his Universal Zulu Nation came out and said that he was abused at 15 years old from Afrika Bambaataa. I watched his video on his testimony just last night. It gave me chills. I felt so bad for this man and started thinking about what else we don’t know about some of these beloved public figures. First we had to deal with Bill Cosby being exposed and he at one time was one of the most respected men in the world. Now here comes a hip hop icon being exposed and what’s worse is that him and Cosby are both…well…black.

What I have an issue with is when I see disturbing comments such as “why did they wait so long???” You also see the “well they obviously want money and just trying to bring a brotha down.” Really??? Come on now. When people start coming out and giving LOTS of details of something traumatic that they experienced, it’s probably true. I hate how a lot of times in our culture we have a tendency to sweep any kind of abuse under the rug. If Afrika was just any Blow Joe down the street, people would be QUICK to crucify him but because he is a well-known hip hop celebrity, he’s protected and defended. Now I’m not sure just how much people are believing or not believing this recent controversy, but I do know when the MANY victims came out about Bill Cosby it seemed as though most of our community didn’t believe it. Who wants to believe “America’s favorite dad” is a rapist? Sounds really bad doesn’t it?


It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Of course Afrika is denying the allegations but hey, once it’s out there it’s out there! Once your reputation is tarnished, that’s it. So this makes me think, who will be exposed next? Will it be someone I really like that’s in the public eye? Stuff like this just makes you believe all the rumors of Hollywood being a very satanic atmosphere. It’s crazy how people can think they are so untouchable. What you do in the dark always comes to the light eventually! What are your thoughts on this controversy?


4 thoughts on “First Bill Cosby…Now Afrika Bambaataa

  1. I’m rolling at Kingdom Come movie “Lord, Take Me Now” Gif! As a music lover & lover of Old School Hip Hop/R&B music, I’m not surprised about these accusations against Afrika Bambaataa! I grew up listening to this guys music from my cousins & now I regret it! Him (Afrika) being the founder of Zulu Nation, Pioneer of Hip Hop & Electro Funk, Legendary DJ, etc doesn’t mean a thing to me if he’s a Child Molester smh. I take that very seriously! There’s been rumors ever since 2013 about Afrika being a Child Molester & Bisexual! I’ve read articles on AllHipHop website in 2013 were a man from NY came forward accusing Afrika Bambaataa of molesting him as a teenager in the 80s! Unfortunately the case was dismissed! There was also rumors of Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Jazzy Jay being a Gay Couple which wouldn’t surprise me if that’s true! That’s disgusting! Afrika Bambaataa had some great music but he was always weird to me. I’ve once visited Afrika’s old website in 2008 called Universal Of Zulu or something like that & there was so much symbolism, cult symbols on that website it was disgraceful. On NY Daily News yesterday, three more men have came forward accusing Afrika Bambaataa of molesting them. I believe that these guys are telling the truth! Some brainwashed people think just because a person’s famous they’re not sickos smh. Afrika’s a Punk, Pervert, Weirdo & a Scumbag. I think that he should be arrested & thrown under the Jail House for damaging these people’s lives!

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    1. Hey YoungOldSoul thanks so much for your comment! Yeah I love that movie Kingdom Come, just a ghetto, Southern classic in my crib! LOL! See you have ALL the tea on these stars, you have dropped so much information since I first met you about these people! You do your research! I had never paid Afrika that much mind before but you’re right, even if someone is famous if they got issues that makes them scum to me! Now that Bill Cosby has gotten got trust me everybody fixing to get exposed now!


      1. No problem, You’re welcome! All of that Info’s reliable. I like reading the News, Biographies, Ancient to Modern day Black History, etc. I have Kingdom Come on DVD too! It’s a definitely a classic. Ever since this story came out again, last week they’ve been more allegations from Men coming out as victims of Child Molestation caused by Afrika Bambaataa. Now KRS – One’s defending Afrika saying that he’s innocent & doesn’t care about the allegations or the victims. Krs – One’s a clown & a “Double Agent”. He’s another puppet hanging on a string, I’ll get into that later! There’s an investigation on Afrika too! I don’t know everything though LOL. Besides myself it seems that you have all the Scoop aka Tea too! BTW, Thanks for the compliment πŸ˜‰!

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        1. You’re very welcome! I can tell you research your stuff and I stopped messing with KRS when he proclaimed Lil Wayne the best rapper alive! What a sellout and a clown he is! And is it just me or does it seem like our people are sometimes very naive when it comes to tragedies and secrets such as this one? They just can’t accept the truth it seems. LOL!


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