10 Reasons Why The 1990s Are Still So Popular Today


Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been doing constant blog posts. I’ve just been so busy working but I can never stay away too long. What I want to discuss is a topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile now because it has become a trending topic for at least the last ten years and that’s the 1990s! My goodness, it just seems with each passing year this phenomenal decade is still so missed and talked about. Whether you visit a blog, go to YouTube, converse on social media, or turn on the TV, you hear about the 90s in some kind of way. It just makes me feel so good that I am a true 90s kid and I got to experience the last decade before the crazy and depressing 21st century! I’m going to give you guys my ten reasons for why the 1990s is still so popular today. Are you ready?

Reason 1: The Music Was Amazing
Now I know not everyone is a fan of 1990s music, especially when all the Pop groups such as Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Brittany Spears, and Spice Girls debuted in the late 90s. However, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. There was such a wide variety of talent and genres of music in the 1990s and the majority of it was good music. The Pop bands didn’t bother me because they had just as much talent as the R&B and Hip Hop artists. The dance music of the 90s was amazing as well. I started getting into the dance music a few years ago and it’s like a rebirth of 70s Disco music. Since I’m mostly an R&B girl, I feel that R&B in the 1990s was so awesome. Everyone you heard on the radio could sing, even if the song was silly. Hip Hop was at its height in the 90s. You couldn’t help but love it. It was mature, real, and told stories. Back in the 1990s you could keep your radio on all day and record songs off the radio that you knew you were going to hear throughout the day. That’s what I miss and when you compare 90s music to music of today, you see what I mean. There’s no variety. Everyone sounds the same. There’s no trendsetters. Everyone is sampling classics from the past and making it sound worse by mixing in the trap beats and auto tune. It’s horrible.



Reason 2: TV Shows Were So Much Better With Better Writing
Whether you were watching FOX, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC Family, WB, NBC, or whatever, there was ALWAYS a really good program on for everyone of any age. Then we had the family-oriented sitcoms that were very prevalent in the 1990s. One of the things I loved so much about the 90s was that we had so many good black shows, even the ones that were short-lived such as South Central, My Brother And Me, and even Smart Guy. People of color were running things in the 90s. You saw us on every channel! LOL! See back in these days, they didn’t try to force homosexuality down our throats 24/7 and we didn’t have 24,000 detective shows with bad writing. We laughed, we cried, we partied, we got angry, and we grew to love 1990s sitcoms and dramas. The writing for shows like Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Moesha, New York Undercover, Kenan and Kel, Sister Sister, and etc. was really good. This is why a lot of 90s sitcoms still come on to this day and the newer generations have grown to love them as well. Now they are releasing some of these shows on DVD and some have been on DVD for years. Martin is a show that I definitely would like to have on DVD. Martin was always hilarious! However, Netflix is also picking up some of these great shows and putting up all of the seasons.



Reason 3: The Internet Didn’t Dominate Our Lives
Yes indeed, I think I miss this the most. Everywhere you go now that’s all people do is sit on their cell phones but I understand it though. People enjoy having entertainment on the go. It’s apart of our society now but it has also made us lazy, ignorant, and non-sociable as a civilization. I remember in the 90s we used to write letters, talk on the old school phones, and actually hang out with friends and loved ones in person instead of online. The internet was pretty new in the 90s and was basically just used for research or to do reports. Now it dominates EVERYTHING. It’s like you need it just to live now. I miss just finding out about your favorite celebrities through reading magazines such as Word Up, Jet, Essence, Ebony, and People. I miss when kids would go outside and play until the street lights came on. I miss seeing a lot of kids ride their bikes and play at the playground all day and no one had a cell phone or camera in their hands. I miss when people in general weren’t so obese and lazy.



Reason 4: The Movies Were Memorable And Became Classics
When I mention movies such as Boyz In Da Hood, Malcolm X, The Lion King, Set It Off, Aladdin, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Jumanji, Home Alone, Men In Black,Β  Independence Day, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Friday, Jurassic Park, Good Burger, Soul Food, Mortal Kombat, New Jack City, Homeward Bound, and etc., what do you think of? Does it make you nostalgic? Does it bring back childhood memories? A lot of 90s movies have become apart of pop culture even to this day. The soundtracks were often times just as good if not better than the actual films too. Channels such as FX, BET, VH1, ABC Family, and etc. play a lot of 90s films and films from earlier time periods. As a result, you have new generations who also enjoy these classic films.


Reason 5: The Economy Was Good
Overall, the economy in the 1990s was really good. There was a recession going on in like 1990-1992, but that soon ended. Gas was really cheap in the 1990s. I don’t remember too much about the job market because I was so young, but I did some research and from my understanding there were plenty of good jobs for everyone back then. I remember growing up thinking that my family was rich because it just seemed like we could afford everything and we lived comfortable. Come to find out, we were far from rich but we weren’t dirt poor either. LOL. I don’t remember people stressing all the time in the 90s and it was rare to hear about constant shootings like you do now. Sure, there were quite a bit of tragedies but nothing as bad as what the 21st century has brought. According to a writer over at The New York Times, “the USA economy grew by an average of 4 percent per year between 1992 and 1999. (Since 2001, it’s never grown by as much as 4 percent, and since 2005 not even by 3 percent for a whole year.) An average of 1.7 million jobs a year were added to the American work force, versus around 850,000 a year during this century so far. The unemployment rate dropped from nearly 8 percent in 1992 to 4 percent…” That’s very impressive!


Reason 6: 90s Fashion Trends Are Returning
Just study the fashion trends that’s going on today. The 90s is definitely coming back. Look at how all the guys are now trying to rock the fade and even the sneakers look like they did in the 90s. Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself. A lot of rappers today are rocking 90s hip hop fashion and women are bringing back the Poetic Justice Janet Jackson braids. I love it!


Reason 7: The Media Obsesses Over The 90s
I’ve noticed that over the last several years, the 90s is talked about all the time on social media, forums, blogs, and even on entertainment channels. Commercials are now playing 90s music. Even some celebrities who started their careers in the 90s are now putting up Instagram posts talking about some of their favorite work from the decade and that includes stars such as Tichina Arnold, Omar Epps, Mary J. Blige, Wesley Snipes, and others. This is especially true for child stars whom haven’t had much of a career since their 90s sitcoms ended. BuzzFeed does posts all the time about the 90s. There are tons of memes online about the 90s. Popular urban sites occasionally do posts about what certain celebs from the 90s are doing now. There have been so many petitions online to bring some 90s shows back and cancel some of these newer,Β  ratchet shows. Who could forget the countless MILLIONS of comments coming from 90s AND 2000s kids demanding that Nickelodeon create a 90s channel?

90s 90s


Reason 8: The 90s Was The Last Decade Before The New Millennium
This is one of the main reasons why the 90s will always be remembered. This was the final decade of the 20th century and I remember in 1999 people thinking the world was going to end. LOL! Little did we know that 2000 was basically the 90s too. Nothing spontaneous really happened on January 1, 2000. It was just another year, a new millennium and another century.


Reason 9: The 1990s Was The Last Era Before 9/11
Who would have thought that 9/11 was going to happen in 2001??? I’ll give the 1990s credit too for being the last decade and era before the horrible date of September 11, 2001. This date changed EVERYTHING. The early 2000s actually felt like the 90s until this date. Everything got crazy after this date (well really the 90s ended when Aaliyah passed on the 25th of August in 2001 smh) and it seems every year since we’ve been losing a musical legend or someone who has had a lot of influence over millions of people. I think at that moment people were even longing for the 20th century.



Reason 10: 21st Century Kids And Teens LOVE To Claim The 90s
There are so many people who comment on YouTube who say things such as, “I was born in 1995. I miss the 90s!” Really? LOL! How could you possibly remember the 90s if you were BORN in the late to mid 90s? This is the funniest thing ever but I also take it as a compliment really. These people are very ashamed of their generation. I can’t say I blame them. When it comes to entertainment and our society today people are seriously lacking all the excitement and laid back fun that we all had back then. This just makes people like myself feel even better about experiencing the 90s. Haha!


So what do you miss most about the 1990s? Why do you think the decade is still so popular in our society today? I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a good rest of the week!



6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why The 1990s Are Still So Popular Today

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this post right here, it’s excellent! I agree with everything you’ve said in this post & I also like the fact that you’ve had an collage of pictures with Movies, TV Shows, Music Artists, etc from the ’90s too. The ’90s was the last great decade for pop culture. In the 90s every year had some great moments & a few bad moments like The Unabomber, 1996 Summer Olympic Bombing in Atlanta, High School Shootings, Gangs, Gun violence, Black churches burned down, etc. There was even bizarre moments like OJ Simpson Trial, Lorena Bobbitt Incident do you remember that πŸ˜‚? Overall it was a great decade! Even Movie Soundtracks in the 90s was great including the economy! I agree there’s a lot of 90s fashion trends coming back like Baroque style shirts, Overalls, Karl Kani, Vertical stripe shirts, Etc. I definitely agree on 90s TV shows having better writers. A lot of music artists like Mary J Blige, Jodeci, WuTang, 2Pac, Mariah Carey were trendsetters! Even sports was better back then. This post is Magnifico, Love it!

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  2. Excellent blog Unique! I agree with everything you said in this blog, especially the last part when you said that how can people remember the 1990s when they were born in the mid to late 90s like in 95 and whatnot lol. Even though I was born in the early 90s (1991), I wish I was born around the same time as you or earlier.

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