People Are So Naive These Days


Hey what’s up?! Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile guys, but I just started a new job at the hospital last week and I was in orientation and now I’m in training, but I’m thankful! I had to find some REAL free time to do another blog post, because I love being able to express myself and have others feel what I’m saying. Thank you guys for your continued support! Hope you guys have been enjoying 2016 so far!

Now I want to discuss our society today and how so many people are extremely naive these days. This can apply to real life situations and things we see in the media on a daily basis. For instance, if we see someone who has a career making a lot of money we automatically assume that person has the PERFECT life. What we don’t know is that the person could be truly miserable behind closed doors. Take Robin Williams for example. Because he made us laugh all of our lives and we knew he was making a lot of money, we assumed he had the perfect life. What we didn’t know was that he suffered from depression and many fans were left shocked when he died. The question is, why did we just assume he had a great life?


That is just one example. Now let’s look at a real life situation. Let’s say one of your Facebook friends always puts up pictures of her husband and kids. They are always smiling and showing love together in pictures. You look at that and assume they have the perfect life. What you don’t know is what happens when you log off Facebook for the day. Let’s say later on you find out this Facebook friend and her husband are divorcing. You are left shocked! Believe it or not, a lot of people will put on a front on social media and in “Hollywood” and people will easily eat it up. Then when a scandal breaks out, people are left shocked. Why do we as a society just fall for everything thrown at us?

I have learned in life that you can not judge a book by its cover. People will say, do, and give off all kinds of “great” things to the public but that doesn’t make it sincere. Most people in this world are fake, at least from what I have seen. It’s rare that you find people in this life that keep it all the way real all the time. My generation is the WORSE at it. They literally believe EVERYTHING they see and hear as if it’s fact.


People will believe anything regarding politics, culture, social media, celebrities, and etc. If a man buys a woman a gift, people will shout “Oh he’s a great guy and he’s husband material!” They don’t stop to think that maybe he could be an opportunist trying to win this woman over to get what he wants. What’s this guy’s track record? If a politician promises great things, people say, “Oh he’s going to get this country right back on track!” Never mind that this person could be saying and doing everything contrary to what he says to the public. What’s his track record? If a celebrity is known for a clean and funny character on a popular TV show and a scandal breaks out about him or her with plenty of evidence, people refuse to believe it. They shout, “Oh they just want some money! They trying to bring so and so down!” If a woman marries a man that she KNOWS has a background of cheating and she believes it won’t happen to her, she is NAIVE.

Sometimes I really feel like I’m so wise beyond my years. My motto is this: DON’T LET ANYTHING THESE DAYS SHOCK YOU! This is especially true when it comes to people we don’t even really know, like these public figures. If you allow yourself not to be naive in life, you won’t be shocked when you hear about things that you weren’t expecting. I did a blog post earlier about social media and this kind of ties into that because now days people can use social media to make you think their lives are something it isn’t. Not everything is what it seems folks. Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “People Are So Naive These Days

  1. Great post Unique! Everything you said in this blog is so true! People will be dumb enough to believe anything that’s said or posted on the internet, TV, social media etc. I’m like you cuz I also feel like that I’m wise beyond my years as well. I also agree with you when you said that they rarely have people out here who actually keeps it real cuz you have a lot of fake people nowadays, famous or not. Truth be told, I’m not surprised at anything that happens anymore cuz I’m so used to hearing a whole bunch of bad things anyhow. Not that I don’t have any sympathy for anyone but nothing surprises me anymore.

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    1. Thank you Mark! My apologies for replying late, I haven’t blogged in the last 5-6 days but I appreciate you stopping by! I can tell you are definitely wise beyond your years because you know a lot about older music like myself! Yes nothing rarely surprises me anymore unless it’s very extreme! I only believe stuff on line if it sounds pretty credible…like I rarely believe anything from MediaTakeOut and sites like that. LOL


  2. Great Post, I agree with everything you said in this blog. Some people’s logic when it comes to certain situations is very interesting, it’s like they have some kinda psychological problem or something! For example There’s a lot of people that think they’re never going to have a Good or Bad day which is naive. Even Black Leader Frederick Douglass said “If There’s No Struggle, There’s No Progress”. You have Women out here thinking just because they’re in a relationship with a nice looking Man who also has a history of Cheating, Abusing women or being a Deadbeat Dad it’ll never happen to her which is naive SMH. Same thing goes for Guys that’s in a relationship with a Woman too! I’ve noticed your statement on wealthy, rich people hiding behind closed doors pretending like they’re happy but the next minute they’re in Rehab, Counseling or passing away due to Depression, Addiction & Anxiety! It proves that having fame & fortune can’t make a person happy! The same goes for people that’s on Social Media flaunting material items, bragging, thinking they’re better than you but behind closed doors they could be suffering from Depression too. Looks can be deceiving! Like the old saying goes, Money can’t buy Love & Happiness! Sometimes, you have to be the person that’s on the outside looking in when it comes to certain situations whether they’re good or bad! I’ve noticed that you’ve threw in a Subliminal Message about Bill Cosby too πŸ‘. Like they say everything that glitters isn’t gold. I definitely agree about most of our Generation being brainwashed into believing everything they see & hear is true! There’s a lot of phony, backstabbing people out here SMH. Sometimes I feel that you have to analyze things whether it’s Life, People & Society. BTW, I Love this post including the pictures & Memes.

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    1. Hey YoungOldSoul1 thanks so much for your comment! Well said! My apologies for getting back to you late, I’m just now checking notifications on my blog. ☺ I’m going to have more good topics on the way. I agree with everything you said about relationships and rich folks. People flaunt in public and folks eat it up being all naive and ignorant! You really can find some funny memes on Google though, thanks! LOL


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