The Oscars Drew In 34 Million Viewers Thanks To Chris Rock And Stacey Dash

These two should do a talk show together! What do you think, LOL?

Did you guys watch the Oscars? I have never been here for the boring Oscars, but I must say I wanted to see Chris Rock’s opening monologue and boy was I surprised and entertained! Chris was saying things that are considered “dangerous” to say in Hollywood. Chris was speaking to an audience of MILLIONS of viewers like he was at the house! LOL! He used sayings such as “when your grandmother is hanging from a tree” and “we were too busy being raped and lynched.” LAWD, I died! I was like, OMG, these folks are going to be furious after tonight.Β 

What surprised me though, was that despite the Oscars controversy and the boycott, there were still quite a bit of Black stars who showed up anyway! For some reason I thought this was going to be the first Oscars with no Black folks, but I guess some showed up to support Chris Rock. I guess some said, they’re not shutting me out of nothing! I worked too hard! I also guess some felt like a lot of people when it came to boycotting the Oscars. A lot of folks felt like Jada only mentioned boycotting the Oscars because Will Smith didn’t win an Oscar for Concussion. I understand. Apparently Chris Rock felt the same way because he took some jabs at Will and Jada and the people who encouraged him to step down! Now this is what surprised me!

Chris Rock basically clowns the people telling him to step down saying stuff about them being unemployed and also saying Will Smith didn’t deserve millions of dollars for Wild Wild West. Dang! I guess Chris offended some in Hollywood with that comment. He also took jabs at Kevin Hart, basically saying how Kevin is the only Black comedian working. I will never understand how Kevin Hart got so famous because in all honesty, he’s not that funny people! Maybe it’s just me, but I have heard others say that as well.Β 

The most shocking and funniest part for me though was Stacey Dash showing up and saying “Happy Black History Month!” That mess had me speechless and I was laughing so hard! Stacey Dash knows exactly what she’s doing to keep everyone talking and pressed over everything that she says and I’m here for it! I guarantee you Stacey got paid well for that too. We all knew she was NOT going to show up to the NAACP Image Awards! LOL! Of course Stacey offended a LOT of people on social media. I don’t get it though. Neither Chris Rock or Stacey Dash offended me when I watched some of the Oscars. It was all laughs for me. It’s all entertainment. People take stuff way too seriously now days.Β 

I’ll say this, the Oscars controversy didn’t stop folks from tuning in because from my understanding around 34 million people tuned in to the mess! According to Deadline, Chris Rock hosting this year’s Oscars drew in the most viewers in the last eight years! I guess whenever you are controversial people are going to watch regardless. Come on now, did people really think NO ONE was going to tune in to the Oscars? That’s why the committee got Chris Rock to host because they know he’s controversial and it worked! People are still hot and talking! The only other person they needed for the Oscars was Raven Symone. LOL!

What were your thoughts on Chris Rock and Stacey Dash? What did you think about some Black celebrities showing up to the Oscars anyway?


7 thoughts on “The Oscars Drew In 34 Million Viewers Thanks To Chris Rock And Stacey Dash

  1. I watching The 2016 Oscars but, only the parts when Chris Rock was hosting. Chris Rock did great hosting, he did his thing. He’s is one of those people in Hollywood that is not afraid the speak his mind! I was a bit surprised when he was roasting Will & Jada. It was shocking but funny at the same time. The skit with Angela Bassett was funny too. As for the let down, I was very disappoinappearance that brother Tracy Morgan wear a Dress, Heels & Lipstick during a parody skit of this movie called “Danish Girl” SMH. I hope Tracy Morgan not selling out! Chris Rock did have a point about Kevin Hart being the only black comedian in Hollywood getting the most movie roles. In my opinion, Kevin Hart’s not all that funny to me he’s overrated & corny. He might’ve sold out too! Kevin tries way too hard to make people laugh! He’s no way near the status of Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock & Bernie Mac. Lavell Crawford’s underrated & funnier than Kevin Hart. I was surprised that Chris invited Stacey Dash on Stage, I was crying laughing when I saw that LOL. I don’t understand why people are taking it seriously about Stacey’s appearance, comments on Fox News & The Oscars, It was obviously a joke! Stacey probably looks like a puppet to others but I believe she’s just trying to seek attention from the Media & she’s getting it. Stacey knows exactly what she’s doing! That comment from a site called Total Beauty on confusing Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah was terrible. That part when Chris Rock bought his daughter & her friends from the Girl Scouts to the Oscars sell some Girl Scout Cookies to the audience was funny too. BTW Great Post πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Thanks for your comment because I agree with EVERYTHING you said! I appreciate you filling me in on what else happened because after that Chris Rock opening monologue I turned! LOL! I actually caught Stacey Dash on YouTube. You know I really don’t think Stacey cares what people think. The comments on her Instagram page were too much though, people wishing death on her and her kids. SMH! Then they have the never to say Wendy Williams is racist. No YOU are the sick, delusional ones who need to seek help asap! Who has time to troll Instagram of someone they claim they hate? That’s too much! Chris had some mean comments on his page too though, a lot of his Hollywood peers feel he sold out! LOL I knew that would happen. Tyrese need to sit his lizard behind down somewhere talking about Chris though…when the last time he did something really big? I’ll wait. LOL. I was surprised he went in on Will and Jada too! I thought they were all cool. I think that’s what rubbed some folks the wrong way…seems the white folks were mad when he said “we were to busy getting raped and lynched.” Sigh…anything that reminds them of the dreadful past!


  2. I cant with Stacey Dash, I just cant, but she did appear to poke fun at herself and she got people talking and she doesnt seem too care about what people say about her. This is what makes America…America we can all have an opinion. My only thing is she felt so strongly about BET and black oriented things, she didnt have a problem accepting money from doing shows on BET or appearing on “Urban Magazines” if you are gonna be a certain way then stand in it, but dont be a hypocrite and not be pro black but accept pro black money. I cant… with Chris, I like Chris and I think he is very funny BUT he should have made it about all minorities. Asian, Hispanic, people with disabilities, and orientations should be represented as well. It shouldnt be all about black people…thats just me. If people of all backgrounds see the films and shows then they should be shown on television. Even little people want to get work as well. Peter Dinklage is the only mainstream actor but there could be more. I was glad to see Whoopi, but did you hear about @ totalbeauty calling Whoopi…Oprah with tattoos? I guess we all look alike huh? I cant…

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    1. Very well said bruh! It would have been nice if he had catered to other minorities as well but you know how some of our people are…we are all about ourselves LOL…Asians have it the worst when it comes to entertainment…they are hardly represented at all! I think a Asian sitcom just came out last year…SMH…but then again Asian people are pretty quiet and keep to themselves when it comes to politics and race…they just start businesses, get their money, and send their kids to the best colleges for them to be entrepreneurs or inherit the family business. LOL. I understand what you mean about Stacey, no doubt. A lot of people felt she embarrassed herself…I guess I like the fact that she gets people so worked up. It’s hilarious to me! I had no idea about the Whoopi drama, what happened? LOL!


  3. I did not watch the show however, I did see Chris’s monologue and it was funny. As far as Stacey Dash I was SMH with embarrassment for her and the lack of common sense she seems to not use not being mean just honest. I know she probably got paid and a nice gift bag. But at what point is she going to feel or realize that she has played herself just sad. Here’s the thing with Kevin Hart he’s funny but not to the caliber of Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, Martin, more like that guy who makes u laugh when hanging out. I know that Mike Epps has given him a hard time but Mike needs to focus on his role as the great Richard Pryor because he has been slipping too lol

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    1. LOL! You always keep it real and I do feel that Stacey has played herself to the masses, probably even worse than Raven Symone has. SMH. I don’t think the white people really understood her joke. They were already uncomfortable when Chris started talking about lynchings and rape. Oh well! LOL. LMBO at the
      “she probably got paid and a nice gift bag.” Haha! Thanks for commenting! I was done with Mike after he clowned his oldest daughter some years back!


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