The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Went From Being Enjoyable To A Hot Mess


I sure hope reality TV is quickly becoming a dying breed of entertainment. It’s so tired now. The ratings for these shows are now proving it too. The Kardashian show for some reason is still very successful but the ratings for the ratchet ones are slowly decreasing. I’m tired of reality TV. I’m ready for more scripted shows and movies like Shades of Blue! Have you guys been watching that one? It’s really good, probably my favorite scripted series on TV right now! It’s better than Empire in my opinion!

Well I want to discuss a particular reality show that’s been successful for years and that’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’ve been watching this show almost seven years and it’s so sad to see what this show, like many other black reality shows, has become. I can’t see this show staying on and being successful too much longer. It’s on it’s last leg. Everything is starting to look contrived and heavily edited by the producers to make certain cast members look bad and others appear to be innocent saints. I feel that this show plays with my intelligence.

Honestly, I haven’t even watched all of season 8. Season 7 was really not that good at all. The only people who really made season 7 watchable was Claudia Jordan, Demetria McKinney, Kenya Moore, and Cynthia Bailey. Other than that, it was a mess of a show. The problem with this show now is that it no longer appeals to intelligent and classy viewers. You can throw a little shade and still appear to be sophisticated but now this show is all about women bragging about their big, fake butts, their deadbeat husbands, and the fact that they can twerk. You got grown, married  men with kids asking another man how he is in bed with his woman. It has become a hoodrat’s dream of a show just like Love And Hip Hop. It’s a mess!


Last year, I wanted these ladies in the above pics to have a spin-off of their own show so bad so that I wouldn’t have to watch the other beasts but it never happened. Kudos to Claudia Jordan for moving on and realizing she had no real future on this show because shady Andy Cohen will always favor Nene and Phaedra over everyone. There’s no saving this show now that their number one thot, Porsha, has such a “huge” fanbase. Oh how I miss TeamPretty!

The only thing that kept me tuning in to this show from time to time for season 8 is to see Kenya Moore interact with her family and her relationship with her new boyfriend, Matt Jordan. I also enjoyed Marlo’s scenes too, and I always felt she deserved a peach. However, it is very sad to see how divided and petty this cast is. For almost four years now, they have used Kenya Moore as the villain and scapegoat for everything that goes wrong on this show. It reminds me of Basketball Wives and how the women used to always bully Jennifer Williams and the mixed girl, Kesha, who was up there on the 2012 season. They were just straight mean. 


This show turned horrible. It was straight mean antics and bullying and that’s why so many petitioned for the show to end! 

Apparently on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s funny when you attack someone for having fibroid problems, fertility issues, being single, having money issues, and etc. The show has gone to the gutter. You can also attack people for being gay or broke. EVERYTHING is off limits on this show. In addition to that, the man who appears to be in charge, Andy Cohen, is a straight jerk to some of the cast members. He allows fights and verbal attacks all for the sake of ratings. He’s very biased and has his favorites while giving his least favorites a hard time. This man always appeared to be a low key racist to me. Why do people allow this man to use them all in the name of ratings and money?


Funny how people forgot about this as soon as The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered. Wake up people, this fraud is all about his pockets and nothing else! 

When I think about some of these women on this show such as Kim Fields, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, and Kandi Burruss, it’s sad to see that the best they can do now is a reality show. These women were so accomplished in the 1990s and they all have such impressive resumes. Since Hollywood and the entertainment world in general is not checking for a lot of black folks, black folks have to turn to ratchet reality TV to pay their bills and live well. It’s a really sad sight. It’s true that when you go on reality TV, you basically sell your soul for fame and fortune. Then when it’s all said and done, you are left with a tarnished image that you have to try and clean up. 

I think after this season, the ladies who were all accomplished before this show should move on but I’m sure they won’t. It seems black women and black people in general no longer have a lot of opportunities in entertainment anymore. They could create opportunities but just like in the real world, they don’t. They’d rather settle or sit back and complain about “the man.” It’s sickening to see and watch.

Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks, Peter Thomas, and Nene Leakes are a horrible representation of black folks. We’re not all loud, ignorant, aggressive, hoes, messy, and desperate for husbands so bad to the point we seek the prison yard. Not all of us are “fake” religious people. We don’t carry a bible around and then turn around and trash the next person for being single, childless, or having health issues. What the fleak is wrong with Andy Cohen and Bravo? Why on earth have they NEVER brought up the real fraudulent allegations against Phaedra Fraud Parks??? Since when did attacking people for things they have no control over become good entertainment? This show will end up just like Basketball Wives Miami did and at this point, I’m here for it. 

Hoodrat Central! Thanks a lot Bravo for showing the world that all we are a bunch of criminal, ignorant, twerking fools! 

I will admit that there are a few reality shows that I have watched in the past and they were good reality shows and never turned trashy. These include Iyanla Fix My Life, Flex and Shanice, SWV Reunited, Celebrity Fit Club, and Run’s House. You notice how these shows don’t trend as much on social media as the really ratchet ones? Our society today has traded in class for trash. 

Here is my advice to Kenya Moore, since I feel she carries this entire show. Honey, get off this show and either look for you another gig or start your own business with Matt. I’m sure she makes really good money, but how long are you going to continue to allow this sorry group of low lives to use you for a storyline? Yes, Kenya is great entertainment. She is the reason I started getting overly invested in the show season 5. Kandi is the reason I even started tuning in to the show. However, it is clear to many of Kenya’s fans that Andy Cohen will always side with Nene or Phaedra over her. Andy has never been here for Kenya nor any intelligent black woman. Andy likes stereotypes. I wonder how long it will be before The Real Housewives of Potomac become an embarrassment. Hmmm! Again, kudos to Claudia Jordan for moving on to TV One and getting herself booked for sitcoms and movies! 

What do you guys think about reality TV and do you think it’s a dying breed of entertainment? What do you guys think of Bravo and shows like The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?


11 thoughts on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Went From Being Enjoyable To A Hot Mess

  1. I agree the rhoa has become a fool playground if you ask me. I think Andy likes it because he got black women acting just like porch monkeys and the husbands are definitely no better. Andy hates Kenya because she represents everything he fears from his so called actors and actresses she is smart,kind and quick witted. I wouldn’t be mad at all if Kenya leaves she need too. Great vidoe.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Nyca! You are so right the fans don’t even realize Andy is laughing at all of them and their so called idols. Kenya represents what Andy doesn’t want out about black women, that they can be beautiful, classy, have natural long hair, and so on. Andy wants all the bad stereotypes about black women out there, and that’s why I believe they haven’t gotten rid of Porsha but they need to. This is her third altercation and there’s really no excuses for her at this point.


    1. Hey Jalen thanks! I remember you, you used to always comment when I did the team pretty youtube channel last year and your comments were always so good! You still watch RHOA? At this point I’m just ready to see reunion and for off season LOL


  2. Reality TV is really the new soap opera. Since its not going to go anywhere I just wish the format could be changed some. Yes we enjoy conflict and it is a part of life. Politicians are television and thats conflict and even scripted shows wouldnt be successful without conflict. HOWEVER that doesnt mean that that is the only thing to focus on. With RHOA, Cynthia has a talent agency and eyewear line. I would have liked to have seen an episode of her creating the look of the glasses and the marketing aspect of it. Kenya…she filmed scenes years ago about her haircare launch and she even confirmed herself that a ton of footage was on the cutting floor where she met with people to create the haircare products, so why cant that be shown? I guess to make a long story short all these ladies even the ones I dont care for are not one dimensional. I dont care for DumDum aka Porsha at all. But it was refreshing to see her host her show on the red carpet. They can even show Fraudra in her fictitious office talking to “clients” just show another side than them getting together to have drinks and a meal and throw shade and bicker at each other! It would have been so nice to see Team Pretty get a spin off show. Plus a spin off with Kenya and her family would be nice show another side to Kenya than everyone hating her!

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    1. Well stated! That’s one thing I noticed about the Beverly Hills housewives and the Potomac girls. They do show other things going on in their lives besides the petty drama. And the other girls don’t seem bitter and pressed over ONE person. That’s the thing. You can sense the tension with the other girls whenever Kenya is around. The other women on the other shows don’t take below the belt digs all the time like Phaedra does. In addition to all of that, these women are MILLIONAIRES and they don’t take care of their men! LOL! What’s up with RHOA? But the shade you threw about Phaedra and her fictitious office was priceless!


    2. So true! This is what I noticed when I watched the Beverly Hills and Potomac ladies. They are catty but we also see them doing other things and having real fun sometimes. Atlanta gives me bully and pressed bitter chicks vibes and I’m so over it. That shade you threw at Phaedra and her office was epic LOL!


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