Rihanna Surpassing Michael Jackson Indicates A Major Problem With Today’s Music!


Rihanna vs Michael Jackson…huh? You can’t compare these two!

Michael Jackson, unfortunately, has been gone for almost seven years and people just spit all over his legacy and everything he stood for. Not long ago, the word on the street was that a European actor was going to play Michael Jackson in an upcoming movie. The fans were furious, as they should have been. Michael Jackson had self-esteem issues I’m sure, but I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson was proud of his heritage. Do you really believe Michael Jackson deserves to have a European guy play him? How come we never have black actors playing famous white people? This is industry is such a sad joke. 

Seriously, this is who you guys worship??? Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many other legends NEVER engaged in behavior like this on stage or in public. The industry is like one big porn hub now. SMH.

However, this isn’t what bothered me the most. What bothered me was that according to internet reports such as the Vanity Fair, Rihanna has now surpassed Michael Jackson in terms of making the Billboard charts and I was so DONE. How on earth did such a non- talented, slutty, and attitudinal chick like Rihanna surpass a MULTI-TALENTED, LEGEND like Michael Jackson??? It just doesn’t make sense to me folks! I’m having a problem with this. I can’t grasp it. I already hate 99% of this mainstream garbage on the radio because the majority of it is just trap garbage with a bunch of morons screaming ghetto sayings that most sane people don’t understand. Am I wrong? 

I’m sorry, but Rihanna is NO legend! Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Tyga, Future, Drake, Fetty Wap, Nicki Minaj, and so many others make what I call THOT music. It’s not real music. It’s just NOISE for the times and then it blows with the wind and becomes forgettable. It’s not timeless like the music of the 50s to the early 2000s. It’s just straight trash with a catchy beat. It doesn’t inspire you to be anything or become anything. It inspires you to be a drug addicted, loose, twerking, ignorant loser. Now maybe I’m being too harsh, but when is the last time you’ve heard a song of this era that inspires you to be anything? Yes we have talented artists like John Legend and Neyo, but they are few and far in between. They are a very small minority. 

Not too long ago they were comparing Adele, who is also an average singer to me, to Whitney Houston. OK, yes Whitney had drug issues and was a hot mess sometimes, but Whitney had one of the greatest voices ever in music. Period. Adele should never be mentioned in the same sentence with Whitney. Just like Rihanna shouldn’t be put on a pedestal with Michael Jackson. For one thing, neither women have been out long enough to surpass these late legends. It’s just very offensive to those of us out here who love real music and especially real soul music. This thot, trap garbage blows with the wind. It has INFECTED almost every music genre, which is why most of what you hear now all sounds the same. Do you really think 30 years from now people will be reminiscing about this era of music and songs like Work and Call Me On My Cell Phone? LOL! I bet we’ll be hearing the O’Jays, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, SWV, Aaliyah, Tupac, Nas, DMX, New Edition, Patti Labelle, and etc. though! 

Michael Witney.jpg
These two would have been such a cute couple! 

Then people wonder why the ratings for these award shows and televised events relating to entertainment are dropping every year. It’s because the industry has a HUGE void of actual talent! The entertainment industry needs to get it together and stop giving out awards to people who don’t deserve it! They need to stop playing garbage on the radio and paying dust to the real, hard working singers who struggle to put out real music! 

That’s not it either. They need to stop putting out horrible movies and casting the same old, mediocre, tired actors to play in them. Hollywood, the music industry, the sports industry, and the fashion industry all need more diversity! The 1990s had ALL those things so why do the 2010s suck so bad? Do you think social media has had a huge impact on what’s popular now? 


9 thoughts on “Rihanna Surpassing Michael Jackson Indicates A Major Problem With Today’s Music!

  1. Personally I cant fault Rihanna for doing her thing! I dont like all her music but my favorite album from her is the “Rated R” album. This was the album released right after the Chris Brown incident. Everything was perfect about that album, the concept, the music, and growth. She showed a maturity there and I thought I need to buy this album. So many great songs that were not released like “Photographs” with Will I Am, and I really like RudeBoy and RockStar. With that said someone was going to surpass MJ because he is not here anymore, but its sad that the type of music is going to Number 1. Its very formulaic and one dimensional. So I understand and hear your frustration because this all that seems to be acknowledged. The art of song making and lyrical content have changed drastically but I wonder if its really bad or because its different than what we are accustomed to or grew up on we dont like it. People of the 60’s, hated 70’s music, and people who loved 70’s music, hated the synthesizer sonic sound of the 80’s, and then the 90’s gangsta rap took over from the conscious rap of the 80’s, and then the 2000’s so on and so forth. Are we becoming our parents? LOL

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    1. “People of the 60’s, hated 70’s music, and people who loved 70’s music, hated the synthesizer sonic sound of the 80’s, and then the 90’s gangsta rap took over from the conscious rap of the 80’s, and then the 2000’s so on and so forth. Are we becoming our parents? LOL”

      LOL! To answer your question, NO! Haha. We are not becoming like our parents, that’s just the excuse some folks like to use to justify this horrible crap out now called “music.” I can easily listen to a song from the 60s and then turn around and put on a song from 2001 and hear real talent! Whether it’s the 50s-2004 I hear REAL talent and music! Now I will admit that even in the early 2000s we were starting to slowly get saturated with garbage, but it’s nothing like it is now. It’s just unbearable. A bunch of idiots screaming over digital beats with a bunch of studio effects talking about “I’m high off this liquor. Shorty said she want to f—- me.” PLEASE! You feel my pain?

      By the way, welcome to From A Unique Perspective! ☺


  2. I agree, Rihanna’s a sellout, no class having, mediocre & overrated talentless singer. The only decent album that she’d put out was her 1st album when she was doing reggae music like “Pon De Replay” & that was corny too 😂. At first she was trying to be a Reggae Artist which had flopped, now she’s trying to be the black version of Madonna. Both her & Madonna’s trashy & their music’s garbage LOL. How in the world her album sales surpassed Michael Jackson’s? That just shows that people on Earth are brainwashed & lost souls SMH. Some people will listen to anything as long as it has a catchy hook & a good beat. In my opinion, the beats, hooks & verses in songs nowadays is generic & whack! Every song these days sound the same like selling drugs, using drugs (pills, weed, etc SMH), twerking, strip club, trashy women, partying at a club, etc. It’s pitiful! When you do hear talented artists making real music they hardly be heard SMH. Whatever happened to real music? I think it’s mainstream media & not social media that has an impact on what’s popular now! I personally could care less, I’m going to continue supporting real music! Great Post BTW ☺

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    1. Thank you! Awesome awesome comment because I feel like you’re reading my mind! Get this though, Wendy Williams also trashed Rihanna’s Work. LOL! You know people think Wendy Williams is always hating on black women but that’s simply not the case…I actually agree with some of what Wendy says sometimes! People of this generation have a tendency to overuse the word “hater” and quick to call someone racist just because they don’t agree with the fact that the majority of this culture sucks! It just SUCKS! LOL


  3. THANK YOU!!! For always saying exactly how I feel and speaking the truth. Some people don’t want to admit or even speak about the decline in the music industry. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the stuff that gets awards and acknowledgement lack substance or make any sense. All it has is a beat that is usually borrowed and used over and over again. This is just sad and embarrassing for this decade IMO. I agree with you about the movie industry it needs to make changes as well just the same ole same ole all the time. Creativity seems to have been lost in the shuffle.

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    1. Well thank you so much Denise for your comment! I’m glad someone sees what I’m saying! It’s sad too when older people defend this sorry generation of music. How on earth can anybody put Rihanna over Michael Jackson??? On what planet? LOL! This is what I mean when I say I feel that his legacy and Whitney’s legacy has been disrespected.


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