Malcolm X Was Right, Black Is Beautiful


Happy Friday everyone! Did you guys check out that Independent Lens on the Black Panthers the other day? It was really good! I would suggest that everyone check it out because with all this Beyonce controversy, people could learn a lot about them. They were NOT terrorists at all. They were for the equality of all people really, but especially those of the Black race who had been beaten down and oppressed for centuries.

Well since it’s Black History Month still, I wanted to do a post to celebrate the beauty of Black people, particularly here in the United States. I plan on highlighting the accomplishments of Black people throughout the year, but I’m going to take advantage of this Black History Month moment right now. LOL.

Malcolm X is one of my favorite public speakers and he had so many great speeches, but this one here posted above is the one that stood out to me! Malcolm just broke it right on down saying “who taught you to hate yourself?” Black people showed so much pride in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. The 70s and 90s are my favorite decades in terms of Black popular culture and beauty. Our music, fashion, style of cooking, dancing, and sayings were imitated by the masses. It’s like back then we couldn’t do no wrong!

Although I’m not a big fan of ratchet culture of this era, I do appreciate the fact that a lot of Black women (including myself) are wearing their hair natural. Some wear natural styles better than others, but the love of self and appreciation of self is there and that is what I respect the most. I just wish we could go back to dressing more classier and carrying ourselves better like the Blacks of the past did.

Black folks who are reading this, I want you to know this, you are beautiful! You are not inferior so never allow this crazy media or social media trolls to make you feel as though you are. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your natural beauty and vice versa. Just look at the photos I put together below and you can see just how beautiful Black truly is!

These are just SOME of the images that represent the MANY beautiful Black faces from the past and present!


5 thoughts on “Malcolm X Was Right, Black Is Beautiful

  1. Aww I love your collage. You know sometimes when I get down I listen to Angie Stone’s “Black Brotha” and I feel good about myself because sometimes its hard out here, not just for black men but for black women. But a lot of music is centered around how women were wronged by men which is true some of them have but its so nice that Angie made that song. Malcolm and Martin stood for basically the same thing just in a different way and what I love is that picture of them together smiling and laughing. Plus their wives were really good friends. So many great leaders died just to send the message out that we as black people were something special. Powerful! RIP Malcolm X!

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    1. Thank you for reading! Yes like I said wordpress has way more options than blogger did, I couldn’t even do a slideshow like this with blogger LOL. Now all I gotta do now is figure out how to get paid! Now Angie is to be commended for making that song Black Brotha, it was everything! I feel black folks in general now are often attacked but what irritates me is how black folks use social media now to tear down each other publicly. I’ll never forget the ignorance I saw regarding Gabby Douglas and her hair…all the mainstream blogs picked it up and it was quite embarrassing. It’s like here’s a little girl who just made history and negroes on twitter are worried about her hair. Chile! LOL

      I loved both Malcolm and Martin but it was something about Malcolm that just moved me a little more! I loved hearing him speak! Anytime that Malcolm X movie comes on with Denzel I ALWAYS watch it! Oscars snubbed that one too right?


      1. Yep Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing & 4 Little Girls was snubbed by The Oscars smh. Malcolm X has done a lot for the black community when he was living. In fact, Malcolm followed the teachings of Marcus Garvey & advised our black people to trace their roots, starting their own businesses & being black owned. The media in the 60s didn’t like to hear that coming from a black brother or sister, they looked at Malcolm as a Threat to society! The Caucasian media was fearful of that including the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad whom was a Pedophile, Philanderer & Polygamist! Malcolm X in fact had a meeting with Cuban Revolutionary & Leader Fidel Castro to discuss about Cuban brothers & sisters getting equal rights in this country! The powers that be didn’t like that at all. That’s how Malcolm’s assassination happened, the Cointelpro Agenda SMH. The FBI wasn’t the only ones involved in that too! Regardless of what occured, Malcolm X’s legacy still remains today. Check out a book called The Autobiography Of Malcolm X by Alex Haley & Malcolm X. It’s An Great & Very Powerful Book! Great pics & great post Unique. R.I.P to Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz.

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  2. I’ve always admired Malcolm X for what he’d done for the black community & his family. He’s one of my favorite Speakers & Activist. Malcolm X’s parents was in fact members, organizers & supporters of Black Leader Marcus Garvey’s U.N.I.A (Universal Negro Improvement Association). Malcolm’s parents including Malcolm himself use to attend Marcus’s U.N.I.A meetings. Malcolm’s father who was a Minister & Activist used to teach the Bible & Black History in his church & at other churches. Malcolm X himself stated in a interview that Marcus Garvey was one of his influences. Malcolm X was a pioneer of the Black Power Movement. He spoke & taught our black people to love themselves as a race, teaching black history, tracing their roots & standing up for justice against the system for our black people. Malcolm X’s wife Betty Shabazz was also an Activist in the 70s-90s. She was also an pioneer of the black power movement & supported the Black Panther Party. Malcolm X was a black man that didn’t sellout & unfortunately that’s what led to his assassination. He was true pioneer for our black people. R.I.P Malcolm X, gone but not forgotten.

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