What I Hate About Social Media

Good afternoon everyone. I’m back and I hope you all had a great weekend. I went to a family dinner at Hibachi Grill this past Saturday and it turned out nice, despite the fact that at first I did not want to go. Afterwards, I was glad I went though. Cherish your family and true friends. Good friends and family are very rare now days. 

Let’s get to the matter at hand now. Today I’m going to discuss social media and the things I do not like about it at all. I’ve been using social media since 2008 and I have come to realize that social media exposes how miserable the majority of people are today. Most people on social media are negative. Rarely do you find any fun, peaceful, and positive people on social media. A lot of folks are fake, just like in real life. 

I’ll never understand people who take time out of their day to follow and “befriend” folks they claim they can’t stand. Because our economy as a whole is in the toilet, you got a lot of angry folks out here who have nothing but time on their hands. Not everyone who uses social media to be annoying trolls are children and teens either. No way. Most of them are indeed adults. LOL.  They create fake accounts and profiles to harass people, usually celebrities, that they claim they hate. My question is, why do they do that? 

stacey dash 2
Because a lot of Blacks on social media hate Stacey Dash, they now think it’s OK to talk about innocent children. SMH. Why follow someone you don’t like??? Obviously you DO care about that person if you take time out of your precious day to comment on them! This is one of the things about social media that I can’t stand…it gives idiots a platform.

If I’m not a fan of someone, I’m not going to waste my precious time following them on all of their social networks and running to all the blogs that discuss them just so I can comment negatively. LOL! Who does that? These social media trolls say that certain celebrities are miserable, but yet YOU are the one commenting negatively about this person all over the Internet, so who is really miserable? I just laugh at people like that. Clearly they have no lives. 

I also hate how these social media app owners will upgrade these apps without giving their users the option to accept or decline the change. Ugh, I hate that. For instance, you remember recently when Twitter decided that it was time to dump the star and create the heart instead for liking tweets? People were heated. They were angry because overall people hate change. I had no problem with the star but I also don’t hate the heart either. Let’s not forget how YouTube decided that it was time to create Google plus and how it was FORCED on its users. SMH. Don’t get me wrong, Google plus is pretty cool, but YouTube was much more fun before this Google plus stuff. From 2011 on back, YouTube was just pure fun. Now it has become all about competition, as there are so many people now trying to build brands. Why do these social networks always take the fun out of everything?

Twitter decided it was time to switch over to the heart and retire the star for likes. The bad thing is, Twitter didn't even ask their users what they thought about the new change. Like most of these app developers, they just switched over and made their users ACCEPT this change! SMH.
Twitter decided it was time to switch over to the heart and retire the star for likes. The bad thing is, Twitter didn’t even ask their users what they thought about the new change. Like most of these app developers, they just switched over and made their users ACCEPT this change! SMH.

The only social networks that I use are YouTube and Google, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram. Snapchat is absolutely pointless to me. If you have Periscope, why do you need Snapchat? Instagram is pretty cool, but I thought Facebook was for pictures as well? LOL. We have too many social networks as it is. Why do we need all these different ways to chat with the same people over and over again? LOL! No matter how many social networks they create, YouTube will always be my favorite though. You can find anything from the present and back in the day on there. 

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a lot of fun when used the right way and used with the right people. Overall, it has made folks lazy, fat, ignorant, and cowards. People type things on their keyboards that they would NEVER say to a person’s face and that always makes me laugh. You ever notice how trolls on social media talk so reckless about someone but then their accounts are private? LOL. They usually have no profile pic either, which means nine times out of ten they are busted. 

The spammers are just as bad because they put up a bunch of crap that nobody ever reads. It’s like they sell you some fake dream that if you click on their website you can get rich overnight. LOL! The internet can truly be a crazy place! A lot of mainstream sites have shut down their comments section for good because so many miserable people comment and go too far when talking about people. CNN is one of those sites that have done that. People on CNN used to be very mean-spirited and racists when discussing politics and crime. 

From this day forward, I realize that social media will probably always be with us now. It’s apart of our culture and it has given all kinds of stupidity a platform. However, I really do long for the days when we didn’t have people giving clapbacks and being fame whores all the time. I miss the days when email was the only way to chat with your friends online. Remember logging on to AOL back in the day and it telling you that you had mail? LOL. Those were the days. For the longest time, Myspace was the only social network and although I never used it, I wish that was the ONLY one created. I feel with less social networks, people will have more social skills and get back to the way things used to be. 

We have way too many different ways to communicate with the same folks now days!
We have way too many different ways to communicate with the same folks now days!

Remember when going to public facilities and people used to actually read magazines and books or talk to each other instead of pulling out their cell phones? Oh how I miss those days. We as a society have just become enslaved by technology and social media. I doubt it will get better. The addiction will probably get worse as time passes. Elbert Einstein tried to warn us all and in the long run he was right!

So now that you know how I feel, tell me what do you hate most about social media and technology today? This is off topic, but how many of you guys will be watching that PBS documentary about the Black Panthers? If you are not aware of that, please check it out here!


15 thoughts on “What I Hate About Social Media

  1. Back in the day in order to get your point across you had to send a letter, but how you felt was never made public unless it was picked out of the thousands that were sent and someone addressed it. Social media before social media was magazines, newspapers and just talking about issues with your friends or families. In fact I hate to admit it but I have become a slave to my phone and technology. I cant remember the last time I wasnt on my cell phone or logging on to my computer. When I cracked my screen on phone (not once but twice) I couldnt used my phone and I felt I was shut off from the world and was going through withdrawal. You know I cant go a week without my shady memes LOL. Also I dont know anyones phone number anymore. I dont know my parents number to be honest right now. In my phone its saved as “Mom N Dad” but I dont know their number. In case of an emergency or if I need to call a friend for something and something happens to my phone I am definitely up the creek with no paddle. Also that helped your brain as a kid knowing different phone numbers lol, now my brain is mush! LOL But yes I dont follow people on social media I dont care for nor do I ever post on their page. Why do people take the time to bash people especially children is beyond me. A little shade is okay but downright hate? Come on now!

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  2. I agree social media has so many positive things like youtube and google plus to interact and share information. However, I hate when people use these things irresponsibly and just to be cruel. I always think why are you doing this? Probably for attention or like u said being a coward or that they are simply miserable with their own life. I realize that social media is a part of the world and will probably always be that way I just wish folks would use it for positive, fun, and educational purposes. I believe u can have fun without being crazy and mean spirited. Good post u speak of things that most of us are thinking about and make valid points.

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    1. Well said Denise and thank you so much for understanding what I was trying to convey! I just hate that social media gives negative idiots a platform instead of positive people but it’s like now people are using social media to basically confirm what we already believe…they are MISERABLE. You can see this on people’s faces anytime you’re out and about. Take Stacey Dash for instance…she is getting all kinds of hate for a stunt she pulled at the Oscars. I mean people are now attacking her innocent children saying they’re ugly…wow!


  3. This was a great blog I really enjoyed it and learned so much from it and it’s also very informative it’s all true about social media it’s definitely in how you make it which is positive or negative your choice.

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  4. I think social media is a mix between good & bad. Social media is good for meeting & speaking to people from different parts of the world, promoting businesses, remaking or promoting petitions, music, making or watching videos on YouTube, etc. I like YouTube (which was better in 2006-2011), Dailymotion (It also sucks now), Google Plus, Change.org, Soundcloud, etc. As for the bad side of Social Media, it has a lot of people that are Phony, Rude, Self – Indulging, Ratchet, Perverts, Bufoons, Racist & Bitter. Children are constantly taking their own lives due to “Cyberbulling”, Hackers, Spammers, Trolls with fake accounts, etc. Cyberbulling itself is stupid, cowardice & childish! I usually block button those clowns whether they’re trolls, bufoons & spammers LOL. Social media’s cool with me. Social media can be cool if people would use it in a positive light! Great Post Unique 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Great comment! Let me tell you, a former Twitter buddy that I blocked over 3 months ago was trying to @ me on Instagram yesterday and I’m like, why are you still obsessing over me? Girl I left you in 2015 with the rest of the PC coons, now move on. LOL! You named some really good things about social media and yes YouTube is definitely one of the best things about the Internet now. In fact you can find some footage on Daily Motion that you won’t find on YouTube. Some mainstream sites have shut down their comments section for good because of spammers and racists ruining the comments section. CNN used to be almost like a troll’s paradise but not anymore! LOL


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