A New PBS Documentary About The Black Panthers


In an era where most of this current generation is into social media, reality TV drama, corny detective shows, horrible music, and more, I’m always looking for something good to watch. Thank goodness for Netflix and thank goodness I have a TiVo because I’m able to record all my programs for the week and watch what I want without the commercials! Well, just a few minutes ago, I headed over to the PBS website and saw that there’s a new two hour documentary coming on next week about The Black Panthers. Let me tell you, I was so excited when I saw that trailer! I know PBS usually shows really good documentaries on Black history every February. Don’t sleep on PBS this time of year guys!

The program will be airing on Tuesday, February 16th on PBS. Check your local listings to see what time it will come on. One of the reasons I was so excited to see this trailer was because The Black Panthers were a group of people that I really admired. Sure, they were more militant and aggressive in terms of fighting freedom. Some may call them “racists.” However, they showed so much pride in themselves and their culture as a people and that is what I loved about them!

To me the Black Panthers represented Black pride, confidence, Black unity, soul music, and the voices for the oppressed in America. It’s too bad they didn’t last. I really believe had they lasted Black people would be in a much better position today than they are now! The Panthers practiced group economics, which is something Dr. Claude Anderson speaks about all the time. Had the Black Panthers continued, Black people probably wouldn’t be associated with the following:

  • negative reality TV shows
  • social media clapbacks
  • high unemployment
  • gangs and drug violence
  • poverty
  • soulless music

I encourage you all who are into Black history to watch this documentary! Let’s support something positive for a change. One of my buddies over on YouTube just put out a very timely video talking about how the appreciation for Black history is decreasing as the years go by. Just look at social media or sit around your family and friends. What are they discussing? It’s definitely not Black history. LOL.

It’s amazing how people felt Stacey Dash was INSANE for suggesting that Black History Month be eliminated. Yet, the majority of people of this era are NOT talking about Black history like that! It’s only a FEW individuals on Instagram putting up Black history quotes from the same old Black history icons. They are, however, talking about Beyonce’s Formation video 24/7. LOL.Β 


11 thoughts on “A New PBS Documentary About The Black Panthers

  1. Aww I was born in the wrong decade. Just seeing this makes me want to go back in time like Marty McFly just to see how it was back then. And I heart documentaries. I wonder if there was ever a documentary about black people through the decades from the Harlem Renaissance era up to now and just see how things have changed over the decades. I remember the Panther movie from the 90’s, I had the soundtrack but to this day I never saw the full film, I think it was directed by Mario Van Peebles. Its interesting how the Black Panthers were labeled as racists but people can fly the confederate flag and be proud of what that symbolizes and thats okay. And Republicans want to go on about their guns and the 2nd amendment but if I am not mistaken President Raegan in the 80’s wanted to control and limit the Black Panthers with their guns so he passed the “Mulford Act” which meant that you could not carry a loaded weapon in public. At that time the Black Panthers carried loaded weapons so that was signed to control them but according to the NRA, democrats want to stop them from carrying their guns but it was convenient to stop black people, I CANT!!!

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    1. I know that’s right!!! I also was born in the wrong decade! You can check out the PBS Black Culture site to see various documentaries on black history! LOVED all your comments bro! Going to grab something to eat LOL..be right back…


  2. I’m definitely going to tune in to PBS’s documentary on the Black Panther Party. I admire what these guys that are old enough to be my Aunts & Uncles did for the black community back then. The Black Panther Party had actually lasted from the 1966-1982 which was founded by Huey P. Newton & Co-Founder Bobby Seale. The original six members of The B.P.P was Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Elbert Howard, Sherwin & Reggie Forte (Brothers) & Bobby Hutton. Tarika Matilaba was the first woman to join The B.P.P & the 2nd woman to join was Kathleen Cleaver (Wife of Eldridge Cleaver). In Late 1967 the 3rd lady in the B.P.P was Erika Huggins & Elaine Brown was the 4th lady to join in ’68 & Elaine also became the first female Chairman of the Black Panther Party in 1974-1977. Judy Hart & Angela Davis joined in ’69! Did you know that 2pac’s mom Afeni Shakur, his Godmom Assata Shakur (Free Assata) & His Biological dad Billy Garland were Black Panthers? Here’s A Fact: Soul Singers/Musicians Chaka Khan & Nile Rodgers (from Chic) were also apart of the B.P.P in their Teens in the Early 70s. The B.P.P fought for justice & equal rights in the black community. The 70s was a great decade for our Black People. I wish I had the chance to experience it. I’m not only going to watch this when it airs but I’m going to record this too!

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    1. WOW! Thank you for all this good information YoungOldSoul! I’m telling you some of this I had no idea of! Yes I loved the 70s in terms of Black culture! I had no idea Chaka Kahn and Nile Rodgers were apart of the BPP in the 70s but I did know about Tupac’s family! Those people were so fortunate to have experienced such a revolutionary time in history! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we experienced the 1990s but folks were setting it off in the 70s! LOL. I’m definitely taping this show as well and depending on how good it is, I’ll re-watch it. I love Black history documentaries!


      1. Your’re welcome πŸ™‚ . Yep, Chaka Khan & Niles Rodgers were members of the B.P.P in the early 70s before they were famous. I agree, i’m proud to experience the 90s too but our people were definitely running things in the 70s! Not saying that our people weren’t doing the same thing in the 90s for Black culture! But, as for Black Culture in general, it was the 70s! Did You notice how they (Caucasian part of Hollywood) was trying to shut down a lot of black TV shows in the late 90s? It Kinda makes you think! That Black Panther documentary was great. I’m definitely purchasing the DVD. I’ve recorded some clips of it too!

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        1. Absolutely YoungOldSoul1 I remember them trying to cancel and end a lot of Black sitcoms in the late 90s! I actually researched that a few years ago and it was some JET magazine saying that they were using Black folks in the 90s because they were making money for the network! They were basically trying to build up a fanbase for ratings and money and then drop them so they could focus on more white shows. I need to try to find that article again, but it was very interesting and yet shocking!


          1. I’m not surprised about that, like the WB Channel which is owned by Warner Brothers, FOX & UPN which had turned into CW were using our black people to get more ratings & money. If you don’t mind, whenever you find that Jet Magazine article, could you send me the link? Thank you ☺

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            1. Yes! I sure will send it to you, I’ve got to research that one again because I believe I read about it on some JET magazine from the late 90s that I found on Google Books! This is the downside to NOT owning a lot in this country, you are ALWAYS at the mercy of others. Smh.


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