2019 Has Arrived And Will Be Even More Eventful Than 2018. Mark My Words!

Good afternoon and welcome back to another great read from your girl, Unique! It is now 2019 family! Now there are some people who believe the new year starts in the Spring but of course according to the powers that be that runs the world, it's 2019. LOL. We have now made it to another... Continue Reading →


The 2018 Soul Train Awards Took Us Back To The 90s And It Was Awesome

Good evening! Welcome back to another great post from your girl, Unique! I hope you guys have been well this season. It's getting colder outside and looking more like Fall everyday and I'm enjoying this season because of all the good food! One thing I don't like is it getting dark earlier, because here in... Continue Reading →

Unsung on 702 Review

Hey there! I guess you thought I wasn't coming back huh? LOL! I've been busy with work and things that I haven't blogged in awhile or done any audio commentaries but a friend of mine suggested that I do an Unsung review on 702. I thought, why not?! They were one of the greatest girl... Continue Reading →

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